Hamsters deserve to live a happy and healthy life

Caring for a hamster is more than just bringing them home and building cute houses. It’s letting them know that you have their back no matter what.


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1. Beginner’s guide to pet hamster care

If you are considering having a hamster as a pet or this is your first time to be a hamster parent, we highly recommend you start here and get as much knowledge as possible. READ MORE

2. How much does raising a hamster cost

Raising a hamster is not cheap. While it’s more affordable than taking care of dogs or cats, hamsters still have needs that should be met, and you should be ready for emergencies. READ MORE

3. Know the hamster species

Knowing the different types of hamster species will help you decide which type fits you best and find out their basic needs and how to take care of them properly. READ MORE

4. How to choose the right cage

Choosing the right and safe cage for your hamster is very important, don’t make the same mistake as many hamster owners have done in the past – let this post guide you. READ MORE