7 Best and Healthy Hamster Treats (over-the-counter)

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It is not unusual that hamsters crave foods that came from the wild. Fruits and different kinds of vegetables with distinct tastes like carrots and broccoli pretty much attract this tiny fluffy pet. In addition to fresh and juicy foods, they love the taste of protein. Hamsters appreciate it if you feed them scrambled eggs and cut off pieces of bread too.

Healthy treats for hamsters can be a source of their daily nutrition, vitamins, and a good supplement, but keep in mind that they shouldn’t be a substitute for food. Giving treats are also an excellent way to build your hamster’s quality of life and a way to earn your hamster’s trust.

We’ve provided some treats that they will 100% appreciate. Treats, toys, playpen time, and a big cage are some of the things to keep a hamster happy – here’s our article about how to tell if your hamster is not happy and how to make sure they are. Read on for why hamsters need to have healthy treats and what’s the best to give. 


Best and Healthy Hamster Treats

Healthy treats save you money in the long run. Healthy treats give a proper diet and lesser diseases to your hamster, which also means lower expenses. It is also an excellent way to reward them for their cute tendencies. And one way on how you could bond and stimulate affection to them.

Hamsters’ teeth never stop growing. If you’ve noticed that your hamsters are getting uncomfortable when eating, it could be mean that their teeth are long enough for trimming. So, they need something hard to chew on and grind their jaws for exercise. As a pet owner, take advantage of this routine and look for healthy hamster treats with nutritional benefits like calcium.

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Hamsters have varieties of personalities and can learn to recognise things they find stimulating. Other hammies could playfully claim anything they touch as their treat or toys. The best hamster treats not only captivate your hamster’s excitement. But the ones in which they could derive an excellent nutritional benefit on your hamster diet.

Low in fat and sugar

Skip the junk foods and always pick the best and healthy hamster treats. Always remember to limit their treat intake to no more than 10 per cent of your hamster diet. Too much sugar can increase their cholesterol, which is not suitable for their health.

You should avoid yoghurt drops or honey sticks; otherwise, increase glucose in a diet may cause diarrhoea. Take note that dwarf hamsters are prone to diarrhoea.

Be prudent about their food consumption and do not rely upon too much of their diet to sweet fruits. Likewise, do not feed your hamsters large chunks of citrus fruits although they like it. The acidic content of oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, and others are too much. It upsets your pet’s stomach.

High in protein

The suitable amount of protein for a hamster is around 12-14% protein and 3-6% fat. A lactating pregnant hamster should get more. So, look for 18% – 40% protein and 7%-9% fat if hamsters are breeding. Pregnant mothers and babies need more protein to maintain growth for both of them.

The additional help of protein from the early stage of growth is crucial for a hamster’s life. Healthy treats for hamsters should be low in fat but high in protein.

Also, to have the energy for their hyper activeness. Hamsters need enough carbohydrates to fuel their nightly exercises on the wheel or burrowing through tubes and tunnels. It’s best to round their treats and diets with enough nutrients to sustain a healthy life.

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Hamster treats should not be given too often to your pet and should not be their main diet. Treats should be given to encourage your hamster to bond or play with you and move around. Here are some tips on when to give treats to your hamster:

  • during taming process – giving treats to your hamster will help them learn who you are and get comfortable with you – how to tame a hamster
  • hide under the bedding/scatter under the bedding – this will force your hamster to burrow and dig under the bedding, encouraging them to move around and get exercise
  • while in the playpen – give your hamster a treat while in the playpen to let them know that playpen time is a good thing, you can also play some on top of the ladder to help encourage them to go up and down and run


Keep pampering your hamster with treats. However, don’t spoil them too much. It prevents them from dietary imbalances and getting too fat. Two to three times a week would suffice for their diet.

Here are some excellent best hamster treats with high quality and healthy ingredients, which no pet can resist.


This hamster treat is rooted directly in their habitat. This mealworm drives hamsters crazy cravings. A dried mealworm not only captivates the taste of your cute furballs but as well varieties of birds. It’s an essential source of nutrients for hatched birds and hamsters too.

You can mix it with their favourite feeds or scatter a dozen around the cage for your hamster to dig. Kaytee Mealworms are high in protein and energy.

This is one of the healthy treats for hamsters and also one of the most popular. However, remember to give them in moderation.

Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings

This treat packs enough protein and fibre good for hamster’s growth development. Aside from this, the nutritious pack of this treat has varieties of flavours. It’s ideal for playtime, which they can easily hoard back in their burrow.

Offering them six pieces each is perfect for keeping them healthy. Be sure not to spoil your hamsters. Establish their trust first and build a bond.

Ecotrition Cheesy Chews

This treat will entice your hamster’s cravings 100%. Guarantees to be their favourite. It’s a fun shaped treat made with real cheese. Ecotrition cheesy chews are hard enough to break and right for extra measures during playtime—best in keeping their teeth trimmed enough and clean as well.

Unlike wood, manufacturers make the treat with fresh carrots, which hamsters can easily digest.

Oxbow Simple Rewards

Are you trying to find an alternative for your hamster’s meaty tasting treats? Oxbow Simple Rewards bakes the treat with real fresh fruits. From real apples, banana, and fibre of veggies, this treat will keep your hamster’s craving and, at the same time, follows a balanced diet.


Your pet will be running in circles the moment they see this dog treat. Not only are these treats tasty but act as something to chew on and wear down their teeth. Milk-Bone is an excellent substitute for wooden chew toys.

The crunchy texture helps to fight tartar build-up and removes teeth plaques for your hamsters. The right choice if your hamsters’

Hamster Drops

Make sure you don’t overgive your hamsters these delectable treats. They are prone to diabetes, so anything sugary even fruits should be given in moderation. Split hamster drops apart, cut raisin sizes, and give a moment each time you fed. They’d love the taste of this treat. They’d eat each piece so fast and inevitably come back for more.

Fruit and Nut Mix

Imagine what a hamster would do when they see a package full of mixed nuts and fruits. They start hopping! They load the treat is loaded with natural chunky chewy apricots, mangos, almonds, peanuts, whole corn, papaya, raisins, kiwi, and differently more.

Be sure to scoop a little. Hamsters would take and run away and eat all of them up. You can also mix this treat with regular food; it’s one of the first things that they go for in a bowl.


Mealworms are really one of the best hamster treats. Raw or live mealworm is the healthiest but you must cut the head to avoid infection inside your hamster’s mouth/cheek pouch. If you use dried mealworms, it should be given in moderation due to high fat. If you want something ready to eat, Oxbow simple rewards are one of the best too.

Syrian, Roborovski, Chinese, or Russian hamsters craves the smell of tasty treats. Inside the packs of these treats are selected ingredients fortified with nutrients and vitamins. And scientifically and specially made to meet hamster’s food preferences and nutritional requirements. 
Giving treats not only provide food and proper nutrition. Our pets love affection too, and hamster treats are one way we could give it to them.


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