Best Cage For Syrian Hamster

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The Syrian hamster is the biggest species of hamster that are domesticated. It looks remarkably similar to a wild hamster, while the Dwarf hamster and Chinese hamster look slightly different and much smaller.

Due to their physical size and personality, Syrian hamster cage requirements are slightly different. Knowing what your hamster needs, including the ideal syrian hamster cage size will make your decision-making much easier and more beneficial for your pet.

In this article, I will be discussing the best cage for Syrian hamsters and also list the things you should know when buying and choosing one to ensure that you won’t be wasting your money and time.


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Before you rush off to the shop or start browsing online stores to grab the best hamster cages for Syrian hamsters, there are a few important things first that you need to know and remember to avoid making a mistake and spending money on a cage that you can’t use after all. Let’s begin with understanding the minimum cage size for Syrian hamster.

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What cage size for Syrian hamsters

How much space does a Syrian hamster need? There are two different sizes for Syrian hamsters when it comes to cages. The minimum cage size for a male Syrian hamster is 100x60x60 cm (39x23x23 in), while for a female Syrian hamster, the cage size should be 120x60x60 cm (47x23x23 in) minimum.

Most store-bought hamster cages are 450-square-in which is too small for a Syrian hamster. At least 620 square inches is recommended for a Syrian hamster. Use these Syrian hamster cage size requirements as your guide anytime!

Why does a female Syrian hamster need a bigger cage

This is because female Syrian hamsters are more demanding, get bored easily, and tend to chew more than any other type of hamster.

A bigger cage means that it’s more spacious, this allows you to add more toys that will keep your Syrian hamster happy, busy, and occupied. We have a list of the best toys for Syrian hamsters.

When they are unhappy and bored, they will tend to be more hostile towards you and most likely try to escape and chew their own cage. To avoid this, always stay up to date on the best Syrian hamster cage.

Syrian hamster cage requirements

When you are choosing a suitable and safe cage for your Syrian hamster, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • meets the size requirements – it can never be too big
  • chew-proof – glass hamster cage is the best for Syrian hamsters
  • deep and tall – you need to be able to provide at least 5-8 inches deep bedding, but at the same time, your hamster shouldn’t be able to reach the ceiling


For other extra features, look for a cage for a Syrian hamster with great ventilation. Since they are bigger, they also have a thicker coat or fur, which means they get hot easily, especially during the summer season.

You can keep a hamster’s cage cool by making sure that the top cover of the cage is made of mesh wire or have plenty of holes to allow the air to flow nicely.


You will probably notice why I’m not including bin cages in this list. Bin cages for hamsters are great and affordable. However, due to their being plastic, a Syrian hamster, especially a female, can easily chew through them.

If you really want to consider it, you can give it a shot and see but be prepared and ensure that it will be escape-proof, especially if you have other pets that might harm your hamster.

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small cages for hamsters, there are 4 image samples of tiny hamster cages
A quick collection of cages to avoid.

There are many, I mean a lot of hamster cages that are unsuitable and too small even for a Robo hamster. You should also read our compilation of bad hamster cages to know what to avoid. Here is a quick list of cages made for hamsters but are unsafe and will not be beneficial for your pet hamster:

  • critter cages – tiny, colourful cage
  • multi-storey cage – hamsters need an unbroken space, they are also not good fallers, unlike rats
  • cage with the metal ground or walking floor
  • any cage that does not meet the size requirements


You might be wondering, how big should a Syrian hamster cage be? Now to the best part. Below is a list of the cages that are safe and suitable for Syrian hamsters. You can buy these good Syrian hamster cages online or ask your nearest pet store if they have them or if they can order them for you.

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Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium

Personally, I think this aquarium is a great cage – for starters, it meets the sizer requirement. Glass traps the heat when the weather is colder. But the glass also stays cool during summer, so your hamster can lean on it to cool off.

Syrian hamsters cannot chew through this cage, so the possibility of escaping is minimal. You will also get a 360° view of your hamster, and you can make the bedding as deep as possible.

Size: 52×24.4×16.4 in (132x62x41 cm)


Niteangel Aspen Cage

If you prefer a wooden cage and give a big “natural-theme” cage to your Syrian hamster, this one from Niteangel is a great choice. We love Niteangel products, almost all their hamster accessories are safe and well-designed.

This cage specifically is massive (choose the biggest one) and has a clear view of your pet. The top ventilation is also amazing.

Size: 47x20x23.6 in (119.8x50x60 cm)


IKEA Detolf

As you can see, this one is actually a bookcase. However, if you lay it down, you can turn it into a great cage. It’s glass, very spacious, and transparent, I honestly think that this is one of the best cages for Syrian hamsters. Of course, it will require you to do some DIY such as adding reliable ventilation, but all that is easy.

Read our best bookcase hamster cage for other options.

Size: ‎63x16x16 in (163x43x43 cm)


Ferplast Duna (extra-large)

Ferplast Duna comes in different sizes, make sure to get the biggest one (40 in / 99 cm in length). Due to its size, I only recommend this cage for a male Syrian hamster. Since it has a solid base and snaps to the other half part of the cage, you can really set up deep bedding here, which your hamster will surely love.

Size: 39x20x14 in (99×51.5×36 cm)


Living World Deluxe Habitat (X-Large)

This is surely the best cage for a Syrian hamster and other types of hamsters. Although it’s actually designed for rabbits, it can easily be used as a hamster enclosure. It has fantastic ventilation, comes with accessories that you can actually use, and is available in three sizes. For Syrian hamsters, I recommend the X-large size.

Size: 46.9 x 22.8 x 24 inches (119x58x61 cm)


MEWOOFUN Hamster Cage

I love this wooden cage, it’s spacious and suitable for Dwarf, Chinese, and male Syrian hamsters. It’s recommended to remove the top cover so you can replace it with better ventilation, perhaps a mesh wire. Since it has a deep wall, you can surely give your pet hamster deep bedding for burrowing.

Size: 39.4×19.7×19.7 in (100×50.5×50 cm)



It’s vital to clean your hamster’s cage by doing spot cleaning 1 to 2 times a week. While performing, deep cleaning should be done once every 5 or 6 weeks. We have an entire article that will guide you on how to properly clean your hamster’s cage.


My vote goes to the Tetra 55-gallon aquarium or IKEA Detolf. They are both massive and made of glass. You don’t have to worry about your Syrian hamster chewing through and escaping while also having plenty of space to add a lot of toys and enrichments, making it the best hamster cage for Syrian hamster.


Syrian hamsters are really cute pets, that’s no denying that. But they can also be demanding, and if you buy a cage that is not suitable for them, it might cause stress to your lovely pet, and you might end up throwing it and wasting money.

I hope that you found this list of the best cage for Syrian hamsters helpful. If you know other cages that you enjoyed or your pet Syrian hamster loved, but we fail to mention them, let us know, and we’ll give it a spin before adding them to this list.


The best cages for Syrian hamsters are those that are at least 620 square inches in size, with proper ventilation and plenty of toys for enrichment. Glass aquariums and DIY bin cages are popular options. via @Thehamstercareblog

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