Best Dwarf Hamster Cages

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The dwarf hamster is one of the smallest pets you could ever find especially in rodent families. Although small, they are fierce, filled with lots of energy, and enjoy playing, running around, burrowing, and chewing on something.

However, Dwarf hamsters being tiny doesn’t mean that you can house them in an equally small cage. Your pet will thrive better, friendlier, and happier if they are provided with a spacious and large cage. You will also have an easier time connecting and taming your pet hamster if they are in the best mood and mental space.

This article will feature large Dwarf hamster cages from Amazon. But you should be able to find them in other online shops or physical pet stores.


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Choosing the cage for your hamster is actually one of the most vital decisions that you will make. First, they are not very cheap, and second, if it’s too small or not suitable for your pet, you might have to upgrade, wasting money on a cage you can’t use.

But don’t worry, this is why I wrote this article. To help you not make the same mistake I did and waste money – just like what I did and many other first-time hamster parents.

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What is the minimum hamster cage size for a Dwarf hamster

For a Dwarf hamster, you must get a cage with a minimum size of 100x50x50 cm (4000 cm2) or 39×19.6×19.6 in (450 square inches). But of course, the bigger the better, you can never get one that is too big. The sizes vary depending on the species of hamster your pet is, for example, a Syrian hamster’s enclosure has to be bigger.

Usually, a suitable enclosure for a Dwarf hamster is about a 450-square-inch cage which is available as a store-bought cage. If you want a glass cage, 40-gallon is the minimum for Dwarf hamsters.

However, some of these ready-to-use hamster houses have wider metal bars that are too wide for a Roborovski hamster. This will require using a mesh over.

We will never be able to 100% replicate hamsters’ living environment in the wild. Still, your effort in providing a fantastic and safe enclosure for your pet will go a long way and will be appreciated.


There are three materials a hamster’s cage is made of; glass, plastic, and wood. Usually, it is combined with metal. For example, a plastic cage will have metal bars a glass cage for a hamster will have plastic panels.

What is the best material to choose? My personal favourite and recommendation would be glass. This choice is almost foolproof.

One of the most challenging parts of cage choosing is the fact that your hamster might chew through the cage or chew on the metal bars. Each hamster is different of course, but there’s always a possibility for that.

Housing a hamster in a glass cage avoids bar-biting behaviour and them chewing through the cage and eventually escaping. I understand that many hamsters, especially Dwarf, don’t usually develop issues like chewing on the bar.

Plastic cages with metal bars offer great ventilation, and usually, these types of hamster cages are readily available to buy. With a glass cage, you might have to work on adding ventilation, the same goes for a plastic hamster bin cage and bookcase hamster cages.

Adding mesh over metal bars

If you go with a plastic cage with metal bars, make sure to measure the spaces between the metal bars. If it’s too big, your Dwarf hamster, especially Roborovski, can fit through the gap and escape.

The ideal gap would be 1 cm, about 1/3 in especially for Roborovski, about 3 cm or 1 in is alright for other Dwarf hamsters.

You can put a mesh over the metal bars and secure it either with zip ties or metal screws. We have a list of the best and most durable mesh wire for hamster cages.

Toys and accessories

A store-bought hamster cage usually comes with toys and accessories such as a hideout, water bottle, running wheel, and even a food bowl. This will save you money, and you don’t have to spend time looking at basic items to prepare.

The only concern would be the running wheel. Often, the wheel that comes with a cage is too small for any hamster. In this case, learn about a suitable and large hamster exercise wheel and replace the small one.

Check out our list of safe and fun toys for Dwarf hamsters. We also have a list of beautiful hamster cage designs from Reddit and this list of hamster cage ideas.


The price varies a lot. The cheapest Dwarf hamster cage you can buy in a plastic storage box, turned into a cage – it’s called a bin cage. Basically, you will have to spend some time doing DIY on a plastic box and turn it into a livable space. The box alone costs somewhere between $20 to $100 depending on the size, brand, and sale season.

The ready-to-use hamster cage price is about $100 to $250, while a bookcase turned into a cage can be free (if you have one lying around) or about $200 and up.

The most expensive choice would be the glass tank cage, the price starts at around $250 and even go as high as $400. However, it’s very common to buy it secondhand which will save you a lot of money.


Finally, reviews. This is specifically important when it comes to buying a cage that is ready to use from a store especially the Dwarf hamster cage on Amazon.

I also recommend you look at other people’s hamster cage setups specifically if you plan to DIY the cage such as bin cage, glass tank, and bookcase cage. Check first if you have the patience, time, and creativity to create and design a cage.


I will first list the hamster cages for Dwarf that you can buy, bring home, and voila, it’s ready. Later on, you will see a list of glass tank cages, bin cages, and then bookcases. I will also add pros and cons to help you decide which one you prefer.

Our amazing and complete guide on choosing a hamster cage might also be a good article to check out for you. It has a table comparison to ease the decision-making.

Niteangel Cage

This hamster cage quickly gained popularity across hamster owners. It has 180 views, Great top ventilation, is aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, it’s big and suitable for a Dwarf hamster or any species of hamster for that matter. There are three sizes and three colours to choose from.

  • size: 39.4×19.7×19.7 inches (100x50x50 cm), the one list here is the medium-size, there’s also a bigger choice, the small does not meet the size requirement
  • pros: great size and design
  • cons: often out of stock

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

A great choice as a Dwarf hamster cage, this one comes with lots of toys and accessories. You have to upgrade the wheel, it’s also better to remove the tubes/attic area. It has a deep tray for deep bedding and plenty of hideouts and a cute water bottle. There are two different colours that you choose between.

  • size: 31.5×19.6×19.6 inches (80x50x50 cm)
  • pros: ready-to-use, tons of toys
  • cons: some toys are not suitable, the possibility of bar biting

Living World Deluxe Habitat – Large

This hamster enclosure comes in three sizes, make sure to choose the large one or even the x-large. It is designed for a rabbit but it works just fine as a Dwarf hamster’s cage. It comes with a water bottle and you should remove the hay feeder.

  • size: 37.8×22.5×22 inches (96x57x57..8 cm)
  • pros: awesome ventilation, have free accessories
  • cons: the large and x-large sizes are often sold out, definitely needs a mesh over the metal bars

Prevue Pet Products 528

This cage is perfect for Dwarf hamsters. The spaces between the bars are small enough (unless you have a Robo), it has a deep tray for bedding and comes with a nice platform and safe staircase/ramp which is removable. It’s easy to clean and assemble together.

  • size: 32.5x19x17.5 inches (82.55×48.26×44.45 cm)
  • pros: ready-to-use, accessories that you can actually use
  • cons: it’s a few inches smaller than the standard size

Zoozone 2 Critter Home/Ferplast Maxi Duna

This hamster cage has a different approach. It’s mostly made of plastic, with no metal bars on the sides, and the ventilation is on the top. You might have to upgrade the top ventilation though especially if you live in a warm and humid place. There are two sizes, so make sure to get the biggest one.

  • size: 38.9×20.27×14.17 in (99×51.5x36cm)
  • pros: really wide for a Dwarf hamster
  • cons: not enough ventilation and the height is not the best

MEWOOFUN Large Hamster Cage

This wooden cage is a pretty great choice. It’s kind of similar to Niteangel. The size is good enough for all species of hamsters (except female Syrian hamsters). The top cover should be removed and replaced with mesh wire for better ventilation.

  • size: 39.4×19.7×19.7 in (100×50.5×50 cm)
  • pros: good depth for burrowing
  • cons: ventilation must be improved

IKEA Detolf

A bookcase turned into a hamster cage is a great idea. It’s long, made of glass, and easy to clean. Of course, you will have to turn the bookcase like Detolf on its side and remove the main door, where you can attach better ventilation. You can buy this one online, from an IKEA store, or from secondhand marketplaces.

  • size: 16.93×14.57×64.17 inches (43x37x162.99 cm)
  • pros: very spacious and chew-proof
  • cons: can be pricey and doesn’t have tall enough height

Storage Box 150L

It’s not easy to find a bin box/plastic storage that meets that minimum hamster cage size requirements. Places such as IKEA, Walmart, Target, Asda, and Aldi should have these big storage boxes. You might also find them online. If you choose this cage for your Dwarf hamster, you either cut holes on the top lid or add a DIY mesh cover for ventilation.

  • size: 31.49×19.68×19.68 (80x50x50 cm) or bigger -150 litres or 40 gal and up
  • pros: affordable, DIY (can be creative)
  • cons: chewable

Tetra 55-Gallon Starter Aquarium

An aquarium is one of the best Dwarf hamster cages to use. It’s chew-proof, offers a 180° to 350° degree view of your pet, and is good at controlling the temperature inside the cage. It’s also easy to clean and heavy, so you don’t have to worry about tipping the cage over.

  • size: 31.49×19.68×19.68 (80x50x50 cm) or bigger – 150 litres or 40 gal and up
  • pros: chew-proof, panoramic view
  • cons: DIY all the way, expensive


In this list, my vote for the best Dwawrf hamster enclosure goes to Tetra 55/aquarium and Niteangel cage. They are spacious and offer a great view of my hamster pet. I personally love placing my hamster in a glass cage or ready-to-use enclosure. If my pet developed a chewing behaviour, I don’t want to take the risk of them escaping and never to find again.

However, if you are on a budget, the DIY bin cage is never a bad idea and you can also be creative and design the cage the way you want it to be.


Choosing an enclosure for your sweet Dwarf hamster is not easy. Making the wrong decision could not only cost money but also the possibility that your hamster might not like it.

I hope that this list of the best Dwarf hamster cages has been helpful in choosing which one to use and buy for your pet.


The best cages for dwarf hamsters have ample space, secure enclosures, and enrichment features like tunnels and platforms. Opt for cages with a solid base, good ventilation, and enough room for nesting and exercise. via @thehamstercareblog

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