Best Gifts For Hamsters On National Pet Day

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April 11 is National Pet Day while almost the entire world is in quarantine and on edge of the war against the virus, don’t let this stop you to celebrate your love for your hamster or other pets. Under the crisis we are facing, we get to appreciate the presence of our pets much more.

For many people, their pets are a great help to get through this trying time. So, this post is to help you show your appreciation for your pet on this very special day.

Luckily, while most shops have halted their operations, the front liners on the home delivery services can help us bring the products we order online.


Best Gifts For Hamsters On National Pet Day

Here are some of our suggestions for awesome gifts for hamsters that even you as a hamster parent might enjoy.

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DIY Toys Hamster Book Guide

If you are creative or up for fun and challenge, I recommend you get this book that will help and guide you in making DIY hamster toys. Most of the tools you need will make these projects are reusable, hence you don’t need to buy different equipment all the time.

Your hamster will enjoy playing with these toys and you will have fun creating them too and igniting the artistry side of you.

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Play Pen

Some hamster owner has the advantage of letting their hamster run around their house and apartment without fear of losing them. If you don’t have space, you can buy a playpen to let your hamster run around and have a fresh breath of a different environment a few hours a day.

If you buy a big enough playpen, you can hop in yourself and play with your hamster as well just make sure you don’t move around to avoid hurting them.

Living Tunnel System

This tunnel system is a fun place to hide, burrow, and play around for a hamster. It comes with dens, tunnels, stairs, and bridges. The size of this tunnel system can be a little bit big in size and take a lot of space, so make sure you have an above the floor size requirement before buying one.

Another thing to remember, before letting your hamster play with it, inspect if there are small wood sticking out that can poke your hamster and can cause a wound.

Hamster Maze

This maze is a fun play toy for any hamster who loves adventure. It is made of wood which gives a great “natural vibe”. The size can be too big to be put inside the cage, it’s best to have them play on it while in a playpen.

The top glass is removable to stop your hamster from cheating and jumping over the bars while you can also rearrange the holes around once your hamster has memorised the old pattern.

Chew Toys and Play Tools

If you want to purchase a fun package instead, take a look at these chew toys and play tools that will save you money and giving your hamster fun toys to alternate to playing with. As a hamster parent, you can have fun arranging and designing these toys around the cage.

Hideaway Ladder Toy

We all know that hamsters love to hide and climb everything they get a chance to do so. This made of coconut hideaway and a wood ladder is a fun toy to place inside the cage just remember to place it smartly to avoid your hamster being able to escape or worse get hurt while playing.

Natural Rope and Ladder

This natural rope and ladder is a cute addition to your hamster cage, you can easily attach it if your cage is made of metal mesh. I recommend you don’t hang it too high in case your hamster fall, make sure there is plenty of bedding underneath where you attached this natural rope.

Hamster Mom Mug

This is not specifically for your hamster unless you let them play it in. This cute and straightforward coffee mug is simple but a fun gift both for you and your hamster. When taming your hamster, this coffee mug will be a great tool that you can use.

Biscuit Treat

A yummy treat is never a bad answer to express your love for your dear hamster. If you are looking for an extra special treat, this biscuit is a good choice, it’s apple flavoured and a great treat for oral hygiene. It’s high in fibre which is also great for your hamster’s health.

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These best gifts for hamsters are not just for a quick fun time but also entertaining toys to play with for a long run some are even for a healthier hamster life. 

If you have more ideas to add to this list, we’d love to hear them, let us know in the comment section below.


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