10 Best Hamster Coloring Books For All Ages

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Hamsters are great first-time family pets for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. These tiny companions are quiet, agile, and entertaining to be around. In addition, they are somewhat simple to care for if you have the correct information and know-how.

Hamsters are oh so adorable. And we have these best hamster coloring books just to show you how irresistible they are, especially to kids! Hamsters make an excellent starter family pet as long as the entire family understand the commitment and effort they require. And they also make the cutest drawings and cartoon characters, so we compiled the best hamster coloring books for all ages.

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Sure, we could all aimlessly search for the best hamster coloring book online shops for hours, but seriously who has that kind of time? Not to worry, we’ll go through some of the top hamster coloring books on the market for kids and kids at the heart of all ages to enjoy. Remember not to forget your markers and crayons! Let’s get it on.

Other tools for fun coloring book:

Blue Wave Press – Cute Pets Coloring Book

This coloring book has lots of fun animals and characters to color – definitely super cute! Perfect for children or adults with a child in heart. The fact that many animals on each page can really bring out and express your children’s imagination. This coloring book makes a beautiful gift for birthdays, holidays, and everyday gifting occasions for anyone who loves to color.

  • Number of pages: 8 ½ by 11 inches with 103 total pages
  • Best for what ages: great for kids and all ages

Teacher Lise Young – Hamster Coloring Book For Kids

This entertaining and soothing coloring book will appeal to all gender and children of all ages that enjoy hamsters. It is reasonably priced considering the number of adorable hamsters illustrated! They’re all one-sided, and the paper is of good quality. You can use a colored pencil, but watercolor-base is not recommended. However, the photos are well worth the money.

  • Number of pages: 8.5×11 inches, 75 pages
  • Best for what ages: Perfect for kids and all ages

Maddy Gray – Adult Hamster Coloring Book

This adult hamster coloring book is a pool of hamster coloring sheets perfect for relaxation and stress relief. What I love about this book is there are two copies of each image. This gives you two chances to color! The hamster designs are from Color planet, so judging by the illustrations alone, it’s really a steal for its low price. I know it’s advertised as an adult hamster coloring book, but once you’ve shared this with your daughter or son, they will refuse to give it back again because of their delight!

  • Number of pages: 60 pages
  • Best for what ages: Best for kids and kids at heart

Yeti Jey. Fox – Hamster Rainbow Coloring Book for Kids

This coloring book for kids is made for hamster lovers or someone how just likes to relax coloring. It’s a remarkable coloring book with pictures creative and straightforward enough for toddlers. Each page has unique illustrations of hamsters, and it’s big enough that your four-year-old doesn’t get frustrated trying to color—definitely hours of fun for you and your kid.

  • Number of pages: 70 pages
  • Best for what ages: Best for kids age 2 to 12 years

Ghasi Art Press – Hamster Coloring Book For Kids

Are you looking for a fun colouring book for your child? This is one of the best hamster colouring books that features a variety of happy, smiling, and attractive hamsters. This coloring book provides a multimodal coloring experience to encourage the imaginations of children aged 4 to 8 years old who enjoy hamsters. There are around 30 different coloring designs to choose from. It comes in an oversized format (8.5×11) that is ideal for tiny hands.

  • Number of pages: 30 designs
  • Best for what ages: Best of kids ages 4 to 8 years

531 Prints – I Love Hamsters Coloring Books

This book comes with hamster coloring pages and activities and a bonus page of other animals, including cats, bunnies, rabbits, and many more. It’s also an excellent gift for kids’ birthdays, Christmas parties, Easter, and so on. This is far the best alternative to candy or game toys for kids who love pets, especially hamsters!. Also, a fun activity during holidays or travel adventures, which will keep your kids happy and occupied through the road and air trips.

  • Number of pages: 48 pages
  • Best for what ages: 3 – 6

Skyler Rankin Coloring Book For Adults

Color these beautiful hamster drawings to have some fun and let your imagination flow. You have the option of coloring each design in realistic hues or letting your imagination run wild using any color you choose. This book is ideal for both adult boys and girls. All of the pages have been meticulously created to ensure that you have the most enjoyable coloring experience possible. It also comes with 2 copies of each image in case you make a mistake or want to color with a friend.

  • Number of pages: 62 pages
  • Best for what ages: Adults

Blue Wave Press – Hamster Coloring Book

Hamster Coloring Book for Kids includes various cute hamster illustrations to color. This coloring book creates hours of fun for girls and boys! Featuring drawings that are both whimsical and quirky, this coloring book is sure to please anyone who loves hamsters. It also includes bonus activity pages like connecting the dots, mazes, and cut-outs.

  • Number of pages: 97 pages
  • Best for what ages: ages 3-12

Fluffy Hamster Coloring Book

Fluffy Hamster Coloring Book includes various designs of adorable hamsters. This includes over 25 designs of cute hamsters and blank pages for your drawings. Unlike some coloring books that rip off when you’re trying to color, these pages are of average thick paper with carefully illustrated hamsters. These calming images guarantee a coloring experience you’ll never forget. You can use any of your preferred coloring materials like a pen, pencil, or maker.

  • Number of pages: 106 pages
  • Best for what ages: 1 – 12 years

Rodent Page Hamster Coloring Book

This super fun hamster coloring book for kids explores, celebrates, and highlights some of the coolest, cute, and fun hamsters. The size is approximately 8.5 x 11 inches, so it’s suitable for little hands and excellent to put into goodie bags. Packed with 56 pages, this fun and relaxing hamster coloring book is the perfect way for your kid to relax, destress, and hone their creative talents. Every page has been created to appeal to both girls and boys and stimulate creative activity while encouraging a positive attitude toward hamsters.

  • Number of pages: 56 pages
  • Best for what ages: 4 – 5

Unlike some hobbies, one awesome thing about coloring is you just need a coloring book and a coloring tool to start! You just bring your coloring book and crayons to any place, and you’re all set up. You can immediately start and stop coloring without any preparation or cleanups. There are no guides, directions to read and follow. There are also no necessary steps to do first. Coloring is just hassle-free, calming, and fun for you to enjoy alone or with some friends.

It’s cool how something so simple and enjoyable can have many perks for all ages. So we encourage you to give these hamster coloring books a try with your children at home or in the classroom, or if you’d want to enjoy the solemn activity yourself, we’ve also shared one for you!


Fun hamster coloring books are delightful for all ages! With pages filled with adorable hamsters in various scenarios, they offer creative relaxation. Whether you’re a child or an adult, coloring these cute critters brings joy and tranquility. via @thehamstercareblog

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