Best Hamster Story Books for Kids

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Hamsters as family pets are kid-friendly. Hamster has thick silky fur, short tails, small ears, short legs, wide feet, and large eyes that any kid would love. They often burrow underground during the day and come out at twilight to eat. It’s probably the simplest creature that you can take care of. Although no matter how simple, their day-to-day living scenarios could tell a lot of life-learning stories.

Kids have a natural fascination with fuzzy creatures and nature. Reading before bedtime can be part of their routine even before they understand the story you are trying to narrate. They love bedtime stories so much, a lot of them could not go without them before sleeping.

Hamsters are the silliest and can be rude at times, making any story enjoyable but straightforward. Are you read? Here’s a list of the best hamster story books for kids of all ages. Also, if you like colouring books, take a look at our favourite hamster colouring books for kids and adults.

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Best Hamster Story Books for Kids

Put these up in storybooks, and you have an opportunity for pure childhood joy alongside learning responsibility and care skills. It’s a good idea to start the storytelling of this small beloved creature.

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Memoirs of a Hamster – Devin Scillian

Seymour is the hamster who’s living the ideal life and thinks he has it all. Pearl, the cat, tempts him with wonders of the sunroom filled with yoghurt pops. He soon finds out that some things are sometimes too good to be true. Memoirs of a Hamster is the perfect hamster storybook for kids if he/she is fond of little fluffy creatures.


Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas – Crispin Boyer

Meet Zeus, the tiny hamster whose cage sits above other rescued animals that need homes forever. He has a mighty appetite for power and is the king of all creatures. He watches animals from above and dictates nightly agendas to all beings—each named after powerful gods and goddesses.

But one day, others are getting tired of answering to this self-absorbed fluff ball. Zeus decided to betray his friends for his gain, which caused the civilization to turn against him. Can Zeus restore their friendship before it’s too late?


Trouble According to Humphrey – Betty G. Birney

Trouble According to Humphrey is written for kids ranging from ages 7 to 9.  Humphrey usually solves problems for his classmate in room 26, but he never intended to cause a big one. Humphrey enjoys a bit of freedom in the evening since his cage is unlocked, though it appears to be locked.

However, when he escapes from his pen, he’s causing a chain of events that can have severe consequences for his favourite friend, Golden Miranda. One morning, he is caught by the janitor, Aldo. The next day, Mrs Brisbane punishes Miranda, saying he left Humphreys’ cage open.

Humphrey’s now drowning in guilt because Miranda is blamed even though she’s doing a fantastic job in taking care of the pets. Now, misfortunes continue to happen in Humphrey. The question remains: how much trouble can Humphrey get into?


Hamster Holmes, A Mystery Comes Knocking – Albin Sadar

Why is this one of the best hamster story books for kids? This level 2, ready to read series, shows the detective skills once again of Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr Watt. When Corny O’Squirrel has a mind-boggling mystery he needs help solving, he always calls for the best sleuths in town!

Now, Corny is always woken up by someone knocking on his door every sleeping time, but when he goes to answer, no one seems to be there! Can Hamster Holmes and Dr Watt solve the culprit?


Hamster Holmes, Combing for Clues – Albin Sadar

This is also a level 2 ready to read hamster storybooks for kids beginning to write and read. The main characters are the two buddies, Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr Watt. The story goes when their friend Ouchy the porcupine, lost his favourite comb.

He thought he misplaced it somewhere in the park, but when he went back and tried to look for it, his ideal comb was nowhere to be found. Hamster Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watt are called to solve the mystery of the missing comb with the clues shown by Ouchy, the porcupine, can they find it?


Hamster on the Go – Kass Reich

Hamsters have many places to travel to and lots of ways to get there. Reich’s hamsters are back in a fourth book, and this time it covers different forms of hamster transportation. The story presents a lively and humorous introduction to many places that hamsters go and how to get there.

The final page shows hamsters playing with toy trucks, submarines, trains, hot-air balloons, and unicycles, suggesting hundreds of miles they covered.


Hamster and Cheese: Book 1 (Guinea PIG, Pet Shop Private Eye) – Colleen AF Venable

The world’s fluffiest sleuth is here to solve a case, and it is probably the best book about hamsters for kids. Someone stole a sandwich in Mr Venezi’s pet shop, and everyone is a suspect, including the chinchillas to the goldfishes.

By day, Sasspants is your average bookworm and a guinea pig inventor by night. It is the first book of the Guinea PIG, Pet Shop Private Eye series, so get updated because our furry heroes will not stop at anything to find the sandwich thief!


The World According to Humphrey – Betty G. Birney

When Humphrey first attended Room 26, he’ would learn that you can know someone’s life by merely observing another species. Humphrey’s life is on the tip of being perfect. Fun is his thing when in class, and each weekend this fantastic hamster gets to sleep over with different classmates.

Soon after he learns to read, write, and shoot rubber bands but only for self-defence. Everything seems to be going his way, not until Mrs Brisbane wasn’t out to go and get him!


Monstrous Stories #2: Attack of the Giant Hamster – Dr Roach

Billy’s pet hamster named after Hercules was a huge disappointment. He’s maybe the world’s laziest critter friend. His day to day routine besides sleep and eating is to sleep some more.

When Billy had the opportunity to grab some power snack on an ad on television, he decided that it may be the best thing to do to his laziest rodent. However, the formula soon works very well. Billy realizes that he may have created one massive, hungry problem on his hands.


Mousetronaut: Based on (Partially) True Story – Mark Kelly

This story was featured in the Shoot for the Moon collection – a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Mousetronaut tells the story of a small mouse whose only dream is to travel to outer space. When little Meteor knew about the expedition, the little mouse worked as hard as his more prominent companion to show his readiness for the space mission.

While on a space mission, a disaster strike and only the smallest crew members can save the day. Meteor being tiny and weightless, is thrilled when he is capable of helping the astronauts with a little bit difficult task.


Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster – Joel Jensen

Tiny hamster accidentally eats some mad scientist’s creation. The timing is not really in his favour when he turns into a giant monster in a debut photographic picture book starring the Youtube sensation Tiny Hamster, whose video has gone viral and has been viewed more than 16 million times!

He begins turning into a Godzilla-like hamster, stomping through cities and eating everything in his way. One of the best kid-friendly hamster books they would enjoy and get back to from time to time.


Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic – Ursula Vernon

Princess Harriet is nobody’s hamster damsel in distress. She has no absolutely any interest in combing her hair, singing duets with other woodland animals, or any other typical princess activities.

When a fairy tells about twelve mice princesses who are cursed to dance all night long, Princess Harriet happily accepts the quest. However, when she arrives at the Mouse Kingdom, she discovers more about the curse and realizes that helping can also be a dangerous business.


Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990 – Miriam and Ezra Elia

This delightfully old storybook gives insights into the life of a uniquely conventional household pet. Combined and completed with illustrations of an existential hero – Miriam Elia, this gothic hard book edition makes the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list.

It won’t be long before readers recognize that Edward is not just a hamster, but a state of mind.

This is definitely one of the best hamster story books for kids.


Hot Rod Hamster – Cynthia Lord

Hot Rod Hamster is about a hamster who races at noon. He follows his dream to build his own car for a race, which is a part of his journey to find all of the pieces he needs to make his car. The illustrations are full of colours covering the entire page. They are very eye-catching and full of delight. Readers would also love the rhythmic descriptions of the book.



This list of best hamster story books for kids contains stories of a fantastic animal. These are tales and bedtime hamster books from the past and experiences and those that teach few life lessons to the children. Lively colours in books also capture the child’s imagination.

The illustrations in this book are filled with exciting moments perfect for you and your baby after a busy day. These are excellent stories that could teach sequences of events and are an ideal read for a good night’s rest.


The hamster coloring book is a delightful collection of intricate illustrations featuring adorable hamsters. Dive into a world of creativity as you bring these furry friends to life with vibrant colors and artistic flair. via @thehamstercareblog

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