Best Hamster Water Bowl and Hamster Water Bottle

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Hamsters can live for 2-3 years. It depends, though, on how you take care of them. This tiny pet prefers a stable habitat like a glass aquarium tank with proper materials to live on, like a decent food and water bowl. But, should you get a hamster water bottle or bowl?

Apart from these basic hamster necessities, you’ll also want to fill their habitat with enough toys and tunnels, chew toys, mazes, and a playpen to make them feel at home.

There are two types of hamster drinking options, one is a hamster water bowl and the other is a hamster water bottle. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s essential to know the difference between these two and what to buy in the market. This list of the best hamster water bowl and hamster water bottles will help you decide which one is the best for your pet.



It’s a dilemma, most people would go for a water bottle but I’ve seen hamsters who barely touches their bottles which can be dangerous as it will result in dehydration. In this case, a hamster water bowl might be better.

But before you make that decision, you should know everything about the two options. Below, we will talk about the pros and cons of each, a complete hamster water bottle vs bowl guide.


Best Hamster Water Bottle And Hamster Water Bowl
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It is good to have more than one water bowl in big cages. Hamsters get too unruly and sometimes tip-off their only source of water.

You may want your hamster water bowl a bit heavy and shallow to keep them out from dipping themselves and tipping it over. A mouthed cage bottle would do better to maintain cleanliness, but it’s not quite durable, especially if your hamster decides to chew through the mouthpiece or if it’s made of plastic.

If you choose to get a hamster water bowl instead, here are the best characteristics that give the best quality.


Hamsters chew everything, so you should get a water bowl made out of ceramic or glass. Ceramic water bowls are way less messy, and you can easily clean them. A plastic bowl can leave long-lasting scratches, especially when your hamsters chew it up. Also, ceramic dishes are heavy enough to avoid tipping them over.


The size of the water bowl should be shorter than your hamster and not too shallow. Don’t get something more significant than 4x3x4 inches. It should not consume too much of the cage space.

Pros of hamster water bowl

Hamsters can drink from mouthed caged bottles, but some of them like water bowls more. If you can’t get your hamster drink from bottles, here’s a good reason why the dish is a good alternative.

  • easier to clean than water bottles
  • when maintained regularly, prevents bacteria build-up
  • your pet can drink from the water bowl quickly without making any noise

Cons of hamster water bowl

Here’s some of the downside of using only a water bottle in keeping hamsters hydrated.

  • hamsters might fall into it, and they hate getting wet
  • dirt, bedding, urine, and faecal can quickly get through/fall through and contaminate your hamsters’ drinking water
  • hamsters can chew right into bowls, especially if it’s made out of plastic


Although some hamsters may choose water bowls instead of bottles, you should try and get your pet to drink with bottles too. Dishes are great containers but mounted water bottles are more hygienic and help avoid spillage.

On top of water bottles being more sterile when adequately maintained, a hamster cannot tip it over like bowls. If you’re housing multiple hamsters in a cage while they are still very young, bottles are more advisable if you don’t want to be bothered by constantly refilling their water supply every time your hamster tips it over.

Can hamsters drink out of a bowl

The simple answer is yes, hamsters won’t have a problem drinking from a bowl. We actually recommend you try out both bowl and bottle (not at the same time) with your hamster and see which one they prefer.

However, you should remember that there’s a chance a hamster will trip the bowl and get the entire cage wet which might cause mould to build up. Also, hamster’s don’t like getting wet, if they accidentally fall on the bowl or step on it especially in winter, this can cause them to get cold and irritated.

Another thing to remember, when hamsters are digging for a burrow hole, they often use all their paws which will result in kicking bedding and sand all over. The hamster drinking bowl might get covered in bedding or sand at some points.

When your hamster is still young, we recommend you let them use a water bottle. But for an older hamster, perhaps placing a water bowl near their sleeping area is much better. In this way, ageing hamsters won’t have to walk too far to get to their water.


Water bottle size must not be larger than 2 x 2.5 x 9 inches. It is good enough to last for a day without the need for a refill. Do not worry if you cannot find the exact sizes. According to the National Hamster Council, any bottle for a hamster is a good fit for both dwarf and Syrian.

Pros of hamster water bottle

A fraction of hamster owners prefer bowls since it’s more comfortable and less stressful. However, you should try using a cage-mouthed water bottle in hamster cages. Here’s why:

  • Your hamster cannot tip off water bottles.
  • It is a smarter choice if you have multiple hamsters in a single pen.
  • Water bottles are not easily polluted by hamster’s urine, dirty bedding, faecal matter, food pellets, and leftover vegetables, which are all the things that can cause diseases when not properly maintained.

Cons of hamster water bottle

Water bottle, aside from their unique benefits, has some downfalls also. Here are some of them:

  • A water bottle can break especially the nozzle, leaving the chance of leakage and your hamster had to wait until you get a new one.
  • Hamster bottles are prone to clogging, and calcium build-up, so it’s best to check nozzles regularly and see if it still functions perfectly.
  • Water bottles are tougher to clean. Dirt build-ups inside the water bottle warrants sponge scrubbing, and it is almost impossible to clean nozzles with a sponge or a cleaning rag.


Hamsters tend to exercise and play at night since they are nocturnal animals. One thing that keeps them healthy and going is a constant water supply, especially when you’re not around. Dehydration can have a critical impact on your little furry friend. So, it’s vital to invest in the right water bowl that doesn’t malfunction while you have your day, especially while you are away.

If you’re clueless about which hamster water dish is the best, here’s a list of the best hamster water bowls with their distinct features and has top reviews in the market.

Living World’s Bowl

The good thing about this food bowl is it’s ergonomically slanted, giving good posture to eating or drinking pets. Syrian and teddy hamsters can easily reach the water from the container without any trouble at all. It weighs 4.22 ounces and has 3.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high perfect for water and even food if you buy two.


Ethical Stoneware (3-5 in)

This water bowl for hamsters comes in four different sizes, but the standard one is 1.5 x 3 x 3 inches, which can carry plenty of water. This dish is quite heavy, and it’s unlikely that the hamster can still tip it off. Plus, you can easily clean with a sponge because its finish is high gloss.


Kaytee Bowl (3 in)

This dish offers excellent advantages. Aside from its extra thickness and being made out of chew-resistant heavy-duty material, you can easily clean and can be put in the dishwasher safely. You can attach or stick the product anywhere in the cage.

Putting up a crock dish is an excellent way to conserve space since it fits any vertical or horizontal cage wiring. It’s relatively small, 6 ounces, and does not twist, turn, or spill food over.


Living World Lock and Crock Dish

Kaytee bowl is well known for its chew proof ceramic material and unique designs. This dish comes with varieties of colour with a size of 4 ¼ inches in diameter. This hamster water bowl aesthetically goes well with any cage since Kaytee decorates the bowl with actual paw prints and pet silhouettes.



A water bottle can carry more water than a dish, and it doesn’t need cleaning too often. Investing in a water bottle is a must for every hamster owner. So, we’ve provided the list of the best hamster water bottles out there on the list below.

2-in-1 Food Bowl and Water Bottle

Newweic hamster bowl serves multipurpose. You get 80ml to 300ml of water dispenser and as well as a built-in hamster food dispenser. The design supports an automatic hamster water bottle with a stainless-steel pipe and bowl. You do not have to worry about your pet spilling food and water all over the place once you have this in your pet’s cage.


Choco Nose Water Bottle

Choco nose water bottle comes with the U.S patented leak-proof nozzle that prevents leakage efficiently. The product is new, and its design is innovative that allows a fresh supply of water and cleanliness in your hamster’s habitat. Its mini size nozzle is around 10mm in diameter, perfect for guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, and all kinds of tiny pets.


RentACoop Water Bottle

This hamster water bottle guarantees chew proof and no-drip. You can attach this drinker outside of its wired cage. It has a flip-cap cover making refill way easier. You can also see the water level to its see-through plastic. Also, it lessens the hassle of cleaning their water supply since there’s no need to remove the drinker from the cage when cleaning or refilling.


Lixit Water Bottle

The water bottle is 16 oz in size, and the manufacturer specially designs it for the dwarf, teddy, and Syrian hamsters. Lixit bottles work by forming a vacuum to hold the water inside and to prevent leaking. Its opening is large enough to clean the inside with a bottle brush and pour water quickly when refilling. You can also mount Lixit in cages since it has a flat bottom.


Kaytee Chew-Proof Water Bottle

Kaytee Water Bottle is smaller in size and intended for hamsters and rats only. You can quickly sterilize the bottle since its wholly made out of glass and stainless steel. It has spring attachments that can hold the bottle securely in your small animal wire home. And also, Kaytee features its double-ball bearing drip resistant sipper tube.


Midwest Water Bottle

This water bottle is best used in glass aquariums since it has suction cups. You can choose from three different sizes depending on how big your cage is: 3.38 oz, 10.14 oz, and 20.28 oz. Each of the water bottles is non-chewable and has a lift-top cap, which makes refilling more convenient.


Dahey Water Bottle

The product is noiseless when hamsters drink from the bottle. Manufacturers ultimately build the product out of pure heavy ceramics that are difficult to knock over. You can leave more water inside without having the fear that your hamster can push and spill it. Moreover, you can conveniently wipe it clean with boiling water.


Niteangel Water Bottle

This water bottle is pretty cool, it comes with a stand and has such a nice design that gives you a natural theme vibe making it looks really nice versus a plastic one.

Niteangel is one of the most favoured brands for hamster accessories, so you can never go wrong with this choice.


Living World Water Bottle

Living World water bottle is made of a clear bottle, you can easily see when it’s time to refill the water or if the bottle needs cleaning. It is also eco-friendly since it’s made of recycled glass. Don’t worry about drips, this bottle has double ball bearings to avoid that.



For the best hamster water bowl, I love Living World’s Ergonomic Dish or Lock & Crock Dish. The ergonomic dish is sturdy, have a great, comfortable shape. While lock & crock is best if you are worried that your hamster will trip the water bowl.

While for the best hamster water bottle, I definitely enjoy using Niteangel’s Water Bottle. Since it comes with a stand, it’s both great for a mesh cage or glass cage. But if you prefer a water bottle for hamsters that has zero chance to fall over, a MidWest water bottle or Lixit water bottle. They are both easy to attach and are proved to be leak-proof.


Water bottles and bowls are affordable, so there’s no reason not to have one. Hamsters need a continuous water supply to keep their bodies hydrated and not suffer from ailments. There are a lot of choices in the market but be sure you choose the best one.

Whether you go for a water bottle or water bowl, you should always look for these characteristics: Large water capacity, leakage-free, ease of cleaning, and made from high-quality materials. Be sure to choose accordingly and wisely; it’s for the safety and health of your fluffy friend.

I hope we helped you find out the best hamster water bottle and hamster water bowl that suits your hamster’s preference and needs. If you have additional tips, let us know in the comment section below.


A hamster bowl is an essential item in a hamster's cage to hold their food and prevent it from spilling. It should be made of sturdy material and easy to clean. via @thehamstercareblog

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