Best Mesh Wire For Hamster Cage Ventilation

4 images - a hamster inside a cage, a hamster eating, mesh wire, and a hamster cage with mesh wire - Best Mesh Wire For Hamster Cage Ventilation

Mesh wire is something that many hamster owners will have to use at some point. A mesh wire is put together in a series of wires and creates a grid with specific spacing between the wires. It can be made of metal, plastic, or vinyl. Mesh wires are used for many things, such as barricades … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles

4 photos of hamster - 1 with yellow background, 1 with white background, 1 wit wall blocks, 1 on the grass - Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles

Running in circles has been seen in hamsters for as long as domestication has started. There are many reasons a hamster will run in circles, some are quite normal, and others can be more serious. In this article, I will answer the question “why is my hamster running in circles”. You will learn the reasons … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Trying To Escape

hamster photos on a collage, one getting out of jar, one getting out of a box, one chewing on a toilet roll - with text "reasons why hamsters like to escape and how they do it" - why is my hamster trying to escape

Hamsters are such escape artists. You look at a hamster and think, that is a cute and very adorable pet. But don’t get fooled by their cute ears and sweet face, these hamsters can bring so much trouble for such small creatures. One would think “how can this tiny animal can escape an enormous cage?” … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Not Moving

hamster sleeping on top of a smartphone, hamster sleeping on a hand palm, hamster sleeping on its cage - Why Is My Hamster Not Moving

Hamsters are super active animals. They run, climb, burrow, and play all the time. So when a hamster has been idle for a long time, it’s natural that we get worried about our fur baby. There could many reasons why a hamster stopped moving from sleeping for longer hours, being sick, or worse, being in … Read more

How To Get Hamsters To Stop Biting

hamster climbing on a hand, hamster biting a bar cage - How To Get Hamsters To Stop Biting

One of the biggest concerns of hamster owners is probably hamster aggression. Hamster aggression is when a hamster acts hostile and does things like biting and attacking you. We all heard the story from a friend or even personal experience that a hamster bit a finger and drew blood. In many cases, this is the … Read more

How to Help Hamsters Lose Weight

dwarf hamster on a weighing scale and a syrian hamster eating - How to Help Hamsters Lose Weight

Hamsters love to hoard their food. As humans, when we see babies that are “fat” for their size, we thought it’s cute. The same goes for pet animals like cats, dogs, or even hamsters. However cute they seem, it’s not good for hamsters to be overweight. Domesticated hamsters can gain weight easily, which I will … Read more

How Much Does a Hamster Cost

hamster sitting on 2 hands - How Much Does a Hamster Costs

When someone decided to have a pet hamster, the first thing that com5es to mind is “how much does a hamster cost”? Perhaps followed by “where to get one?”. But before you pick up one, there are important things you should know before buying a hamster especially if you already have other pets such as … Read more