Best Facebook Groups For Hamster Owners

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If you are looking for a community that understand your questions, concerns, and can give you the most accurate and trusted recommendations and tips, we decided to pool all our trusted Facebook groups that can help you.

It’s best to join these groups first before getting a hamster to get all the information you need. These groups are also very active and can respond faster than any other sites that you follow.

These Facebook groups have a set of rules and questions to ask you before you can join, hence, it is important to read them and answer them carefully.


Best Facebook Groups For Hamster Owners and Breeders
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Here is a list of worldwide Facebook groups that share general information. Some countries don’t have an active or informative community for hamster owners of their own. These groups will be your go-to for your questions and concern.

Remember that each country has different rules or requirements. Hence, some information may contradict. When you find yourself in that situation, choosing between the recommendations from different countries is best.

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Global Ethical Hamster Care

This is a hamster support and community group created and managed by us, We only started this in June 2023, so we’re still growing our members. Our goal is to be a safe space for hamster owners looking for tips and support in their hamster journey.

We encourage first-time hamster owners to join. If you feel like you have made a mistake, such as buying the wrong cage or toys, but need more information, find support here. We won’t judge you by this and are more than happy to help.

This is a global group and we welcome people from all over the world. If your question is location specific, please mention your country so the members from the same country as you can provide more helpful information.

  • Created: 2023
  • Number of members:
  • Open for owners, ethical/certified breeders, and vets
  • Group rule: read here
  • Join here

Hamster World Wide Care

This group was created in 2014 and growing since. Their main goal is to educate and help members have the best home and quality care for their hamsters, without embarrassing or demeaning anyone looking for help. They also have files that you can access easily once you are a group member.

  • Created: 2014
  • Number of members: 5,700
  • Only for hamster owners, not recommended to breeders
  • Group rules: read here
  • Join here

Dwarf Hamster Owners/Breeders/Lovers

This group doesn’t have the most engaging members but is still a decent place to ask for recommendations. The admins and moderators are quick to respond and very helpful. This group also has files that you can go through.

  • Created: 2014
  • Number of members: 7,000
  • Both breeders and owners
  • Join here


This group is the biggest group and has been online the longest. However, due to its size, the moderation is not very well, often, there are big debates on the discussion board. HAMSTERS is a group for all species of hamsters and all levels of knowledge. This group promotes the best husbandry and care, backing advice and care tips with science. This group also has files that you can go through.


These groups are the best place to seek information, especially with trusted brands based on the country you are living in.

Hamster UK

This group was created by Abbey Howland for hamster lovers in the UK. However, throughout the last few years, Hamsters UK has grown significantly to now include members from all across the globe.

The admins strive to make this group’s environment as welcoming and enjoyable as possible while remaining a positive influence and a reliable source of advice in the world of proper hamster care. This group also has files that you can go through.

I hope you found this list of active Facebook groups for hamster owners useful. If you know other groups I should add to this list or have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.


Facebook groups can serve as valuable support networks for hamster owners, offering advice, sharing experiences, and providing a platform to ask questions. Joining such groups can help enhance hamster care knowledge and foster a sense of community. via @thehamstercareblog

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