DIY Hamster Cage Inspiration from Reddit

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If you are into Do-It-Yourself projects and you always dreamed of giving your hamster a great, comfortable, and fun home, this is your chance. This article will show you the best DIY hamster cage inspiration or DIY hamster cage ideas from awesome and creative hamster owners.

From which cage to use as a base, which toys to add, the necessities, and more importantly, a fun theme. I know some hamster owners who change the cage’s theme as often as the season and holidays come and go.

When you do a DIY hamster cage, you could use a cage divider which maximises the space. You can then add more toys to keep your hamster happy.

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Common Mistakes New Hamster Owner Make

This is the first thing you should consider about how to make a hamster cage. Whatever the type of material the hamster cage you will choose from, the most important is, that the minimum requirement is 100x50x50 cm (4000 cm2) or 39x20x20 in (450 square inches) for Dwarf and Chinese hamsters. For male Syrian hamsters, the size is 100x60x60 cm (39×23.6×23.6 in), while for female Syrian hamsters, it’s 120x70x70 cm (47×27.5×27.5 in).

The floor has to be solid, the height should be at least 7x taller than your hamster when standing. Make sure that the cage has good airflow as well.

If the cage has mesh wire on the top and side, make sure the gaps are not too big for your hamster to squeeze out and escape. You can DIY this in case your ready-to-use cage has big gaps. You should read our guide on how to choose the best big hamster cage.


I divided this list into four types; made of plastic and wire which you can buy from the shops and are ready to use, the fancy glass fish tanks, bin cage which is made of plastic, and the ones that are made of wood which also combine with glass.

TIP: If you are planning to add live plants inside a hamster cage, check which plants are safe for hamsters

Ready to use from the shop: Made of Plastic and Metal

These cages can easily be bought in any pet shop, if not, you can always order them online like from Amazon. Once you receive them, check for cracks and broken parts so you can send them in case that’s the situation.

Even though these cages are already pre-designed, you can still customise this yourself and DIY them the way you want. Sometimes, they come with toys as well but don’t use them if you feel like it doesn’t match the theme you are planning to do.

Simple Alaska Cage

Alaska Cage is a popular choice for those who live in the UK. It’s a ready-to-use cage which means all you need to do is assemble the cage, fill it with basic hamster needs, and voila, you have an enclosure for your hamster.

Any boredom breaker suggestions? Had her for a couple of weeks, she tends to chew the bars a bit during the night even though she has some chews, the size of the cage is 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm (L x W x H). Am I better off with a bin cage if she keeps chewing? from r/hamstercare

Cosy Prevue 528 Cage

Prevue 528 Cage is another store-bought hamster enclosure that is ready. The only difference on this one is how it’s available in almost any Amazon online store.

Rate my cage from r/hamstercare

I love everything about this cage design especially having two wheels, I might change the other one as a saucer but the saucer takes so much space. I will add more bedding up to the rim of the base.

Rat / Rabbit Cage for Hamsters

One thing I would improve in this cage is I will add more bedding. I will definitely make it fill up to the rim of the base for a fun burrowing for my hamster. Also, perhaps, I’ll make the platform on the right a sandbox.

One thing is very important if you decide to use an enclosure designed for rabbits or rats, you have to add a mesh wire over the metal bars. The spaces between the bars are two big allowing hamsters (especially Dwarf hamsters) to squeeze out and escape.

This the 620 square inch cage that I set up for my daughter’s new hamster. Please tell me what you think of it, as I have no prior experience with rodents. from r/hamstercare

Colourful Savic Hamster Plaza

This looks amazing, has everything a hamster would need, and there are lots of toys, definitely a great example of a good hamster cage. If you want to see the cage better, below you will see a different design but the same cage. Apparently, it’s a Savic Hamster Plaza but so far I can’t find it on Amazon.

After months of suggestions, I have finally upgraded my hamsters cage! It’s Savic Hamster Plaza and its 5000cm² big. She loves it. from r/hamstercare

Multiple Hamster Cages

Do you have multiple hamsters? If you want to have a hamster castle, this is definitely one of the ways to go! Make a corner for your massive hamster cages. However, if you notice that your hamsters are stressing each other (they can smell or see each other which can trigger stress), it’s best to place cardboard between the cages or place them in a separate room or part of the room.

Ham corner! from r/hamsters

Made of Glass Tank

Glass tanks or aquarium tanks are one of the best containers that can be turned into a hamster cage. It gives such a great view of your hamster’s daily activities and also can make such a pretty cage. It’s also a cage that is less likely a hamster can escape, the glass stays cooler most of the days, but at the same time, you have to keep the top well-open during the summer season for better airflow.

The other downside of glass tanks is the cost, often, they are pretty expensive, the best way to get ahold of one is to look for second-hand ones from fish owners or turn a glass bookshelf laying down to make such a well-sized cage.

Hamster in the Jungle

Create a themed cage for your hamster such as a natural-theme hamster cage. You can do this by first getting a suitable cage, then using toys and accessories that are brown or green in colour. This includes brownish bedding, toys made of wood materials, and adding plants around.

Ikea Detolf Hamster cage DIY (link to album in comments) from r/hamstercare

40 Gal Glass Tank for Hamster

Here on our site, we believe that one of the best types of hamster cages you can house your hamster is a glass tank cage. It’s almost 100% escape-proof, you can have a panoramic view of your pet, and it’s easy to clean. It’s also chew-proof and overall aesthetically pleasing.

Upgraded hamster habitat from tiny ten gallon to 40 gallon. I added a dust bath, a corner litter pan, and a little hay dispenser. Now that I have all this room, What are your favorite diy enrichment sources/ideas? Also, now that I have a litter pan, should I still dump all the bedding weekly? from r/hamstercare

One thing I’d change is the sand bath. OP mentioned that they placed a dust bath which we don’t recommend since dust/powder-like for bathing sand is dangerous. They are too fine and can easily be inhaled by the hamster which can cause health issues. Also, definitely will add more bedding here for deep burrowing.

Summer Feeling

I love how wide the sandbox is! I can’t see a wheel, so that definitely should be added there and surely will make the bedding much deeper for fun burrowing.

New Hamster Set up! DIY Build from r/hamstercare

Natural Hamster Setup

What else is missing here? it definitely has everything! From big wheels, sand baths, dens, bridges, and even a cute climbing branch. I might add a stone corner for nail trimming. I can’t say how deep the bedding is, but I’m pretty sure OP is already aware of that.

Naturalistic hamster setup in a terrarium (80*40*40 cm) for a single Campbell’s dwarf female. Bedding is cotton and hemp (great for digging) has big wheel (flat back) sand bath and two tunnel starters. from r/hamstercare

Awesome Upgrade

Whoever this hamster, they are lucky! Look how big this is! Almost double the minimum floor size requirement. It has platforms, plants, obviously deep bedding, and a massive wheel!

From a 580 square inch cage to 1080, I am very happy with how my hamster’s new home turned out! from r/hamsters

Made of Bin Cage/Plastic

Bin Cage is one of the cheapest containers that you can DIY into a fabulous and pretty hamster cage. This is also the best container to design the way you want to since it’s easier to cut through, poke holes, and add cool features.

For as cheap as $20, you can find a new bin cage, hot knife, mesh, some screws, and other sweet hamster accessories, you can customise an exciting house for your fur baby. Check our list of the best plastic bing cages you can buy and turn into a hamster’s cage.

My new DIY 1,000 square inch cage, all set up! from r/hamsters
Here’s my DIY cage for Oreo :)) also i know it looks like he doesn’t have many toys, but trust me, i’ve tried a million different toys and he cares about almost NONE of them, so these are the few that he actually likes. from r/hamster
Lil biscuit’s new home, with 8 inches of borrowing space from r/hamster
Made hamster bin cage..Thoughts?? from r/hamstercare
Made a hamster cage with my roommates help (well she did most of it) last night! Any thoughts or toys to recommend? Super happy with how it turned out!! from r/hamstercare
Made a new cage for Gracie, my other bean from r/hamstercare
How’s the set up look? My girl’s a Syrian who loves to climb so I have some elevated spots to gaze upon her kingdom, and the bin is 36×16” I believe. Hide is on the left directly under her (her names Maple) from r/hamstercare
suggestions?? i think i finally have it the way i want it but i’m open to suggestions!!! from r/hamstercare
Lil biscuit’s new home, with 8 inches of borrowing space from r/hamster

Made of Wood

Personally, I love the wood material plus glass and imitate a “natural theme” for my hamster. Pick up a wooden playhouse and dens, wooden bridges, brown beddings, and even plants – you’ll have great natural habitat for your hamster.

The only downside of this cage is that they are not easy to find that meets the right floor size. Often you will have to get one made or find a bookshelf, remove the dividers, lay it on the side, glue glass in the front, and voila – you are one step closer to having a cool hamster cage. Niteangel cage is one of our favourites and recommends hamster enclosures that is made of wood.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (This is diy cage, 768 sq inches) from r/hamstercare
Help, escape artist hamster from r/hamster
Any constructive criticism/suggestions on my cage? Info in comments. from r/hamstercare
Hamster cage finished for little Murry! from r/hamster

I hope you found this compilation of awesome DIY hamster cage inspirations useful and sparked some creative side in you. If you have some cool DIY cages and want to share them here, let us know.


DIY hamster cage design inspiration can be found in various sources, such as online forums, social media groups, and pet care websites. It encourages creativity, customization, and consideration of the hamster's needs for comfort and safety. via @thehamstercareblog

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