Do Hamsters Have Tails?

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Hamsters are often noticed due to their size and cute perky ears. When we think of pets or pet animals in general, we normally just assume they have tails, right? Cats, dogs, fish, and even reptiles – all have tails.

But how about hamsters? Do hamsters have tails? In this article, we will discuss all about hamster tails, which ones have the longest and what they use them for if they even use them at all. I will also talk about the infamous wet tail that hamsters often suffer from. There will also be photos of hamsters and their tails so you can visualise what they look like.

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dwarf, Syrian, and Chinese hamster showing their tails - Do Hamsters Have Tails

The simple answer is yes. However, hamsters’ tails are super tiny. As my nephew once said, it’s like a dot. It’s true hamsters have really small tails, you won’t even notice it unless you are looking hard.

When you look at the hamster’s bottom, you will see this white (or yellow, orange, brown, black, grey) tiny round cute little thing. Think of a rabbit’s tail, it’s like that but a much smaller version.

Why do hamsters have short tails

I mentioned many times before, hamsters are not great climbers and fallers – this is why they don’t need tall or multi-level cages. Unlike rat’s tails, hamsters don’t need tails to help them climb, grip on anything while climbing, or adjust their centre of gravity to avoid falling.

Hamsters love to burrow instead of climb. In the wild, they don’t need to climb the tree to get food. Instead, they burrow to find seeds, worms, and other food that normally falls on the ground and gets buried.


Let’s now talk about tails on specific hamsters – the size, colour, and if they are furry or not. While hamsters have shorter tails, there are one species of hamsters that still has a somewhat longer tail – which I will discuss in just a moment.

Do Syrian hamsters have tails

Yes, Syrian hamsters have a tail but it’s the tiny one. You would assume, being the biggest in size type of hamster, Syrian should have the longest tail. But now, for the size of their body (6-8 inches), Syrians have really tiny tails, about half an inch or even shorter.

If you look at a long-haired Syrian hamster, their fur drags down behind them which covers up their tail.

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Do Dwarf hamsters have tails

2 Dwarf hamsters showing off their tail - Do Hamsters Have Tails

Yes, Dwarf hamsters have tails but then again, it’s a short one. Their body size grows about 3-5 inches, yet their tails are just about a quarter of an inch. Roborovski, being the smallest type of Dwarf hamster has an even smaller tail.

If you have this kind of hamster, check out our how to take care of Dwarf hamster guide.

Do Chinese hamsters have tails

Yes. Chinese hamsters are famous for being “the only hamster with a tail”. But of course, it’s not true. We just learnt earlier that all species of hamsters have a tail. However, the Chinese hamster is the only one whose tail is quite “obvious” and “long”.

Unlike Syrian and Dwarf hamsters, the Chinese hamster’s tail actually looks like a tail. The other hamster’s tail looks like a dot but with Chinese hamsters, they are about 1 inch (3 cm) in length.

Their tail is usually furry but not too much, the colour is the same as their body colour which is either light brown or dark brown or almost black.

Chinese hamsters also have a slender and longer bodies, most people mistook them for a gerbil or a common degu. Learn more about this type of hamster with our Chinese hamster care guide.


Since hamsters’ tails are so tiny, you almost can’t see them. However, even being such a tiny part of their body, hamsters still use their little tail for balancing. They love to run around and even climb short platforms then jump down their bedding. To do these safely, hamsters use their tail to balance themselves.


Contrary to belief, hamsters’ common illness such as wet tail has nothing to do with the tail at all. Wet tail on hamsters means either they are suffering from diarrhoea or other diseases that are related to their gut or digestion.

I can only assume that the disease has been called that because when a hamster’s digestive system is disturbed, its poo tends to run and become really soft or almost liquid-like. Which makes their tail wet and smelly.

So, if you find your hamster’s tail area wet, pussy, and stinky, you might want to call the vet.


Now that you are aware and have seen a photo of a hamster’s tail, you will no longer only find their nose and ears as the cutest feature of them. You can now say, you like them because of their tiny little tails.

I hope that you find this article useful and that we provided an answer to your question “do hamsters have tails”. Let us know in the comment section if you prefer a pet with a tail or no tail.



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