Do you want the best life for your pet hamster?

To make sure we give the best care to our pets, we must do our research beforehand. If you miss doing so, it’s not too late. We wrote an ebook that will help you understand hamsters as pets. How to properly care for them so they can live a longer, happier life with you. While it is called “for beginners”, there is so much information in this ebook. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on hamster care from basics to badass, get yourself a copy!

On the other hand, if you are unsure if a hamster is the right pet for you, this “Ethical Hamster Care For Beginners” ebook will also help you decide on that. We discussed lots of areas about hamster care to help you visualise what your life will be like as a hamster parent.

Please check the images below to see the chapter list.

This is not only a one-time buy, we will constantly add updates. You will be able to download and access the newest or latest version anytime.


  • 90+ pages of pure hamster care information and tips
  • photos for easier understanding
  • easy-links to recommended hamster products to get online
  • periodic updates
  • bonus: free hamster task planner (4 templates) for the first 30 customers – (valued at $2)


  • computer
  • mobile or tablet as PDF/epub- download the app “ReadEra” for Table of Contents link to work
  • Ebook Reader – Check your device own “Table of Contents” feature for accessing the chapters
  • Kindle – if your kindle only supports black&white, photos might not display properly


First-time hamster owners

People who want to know everything before committing to a hamster pet

Gift this ebook to aspiring hamster owner

People who want to learn more about hamster care

Enjoy a holiday discount, use the code: holidays2021
(Gumroad only ($3.99), price already discounted on Amazon)

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