Why is My Hamster Squeaking

Why Is My Hamster Squeaking

Hamsters don’t make a lot of noise due to their small size. When the room is loud, you won’t be able to hear your hamster making a squeaking noise. However, being observant whenever your hamster squeaks or creates any form of weird noises is important. In this article, we will explain the answer to the … Read more

Safe Plants for Hamsters: Safe and Unsafe Herbs for Hamsters

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It’s time to discuss safe plants for hamsters and plants that you should avoid. Apart from ensuring that a hamster’s cage is secure, a balanced and healthy diet is just as important. To properly take care of hamsters, and to avoid serious health problems, it is vital to know what foods are and aren’t safe … Read more

How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

4 images - a syrian hamster hanging on a finger, a syrian hamster sleeping on a palm, a syrian hamster held on a hand with flowers around it, a syrian hamster crawling on an open palm - How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is a captivating small rodent cherished for its charismatic antics and distinctive nocturnal behavior. Although diminutive in size, these creatures are brimming with personality. They communicate through a series of high-pitched sounds and body language. This is important when attempting to pick up a hamster. This … Read more

Why Hamsters Are Not Beginner Pets

4 IMAGES - a robo hamster on a running wheel, a golden long-haired syrian hamster, a winter white dwarf hamster, and a black syrian hamster - Why Hamsters Are Not Beginner Pets

Hamsters are adored worldwide for their small size, appealing looks, and the promise of being easy-care pets, making them especially popular among children and families with space constraints. There’s a unique charm in their round bodies, beady eyes, and the way they stuff their cheeks with food. Their diverse breeds – from the larger Syrian … Read more

Hamster Care Sheet

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Hamsters as pets can either be easy or incredibly challenging. It honestly can go either way, and people’s experiences can be the polar opposite of one another. The best thing you can do is to do your research, prepare yourself, and understand the pros and cons and the amount of commitment that being a hamster … Read more