Fun and Safe Dwarf Hamster Toys

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Dwarf hamsters are your little but super energetic little fluffball, especially Roborovski hamsters. Filling the cage with plenty of toys will keep your hamster busy and on its feet, meaning always moving and staying active – in general, that is great for their heart.

Thes list of hamster toy recommendations also prevents your pet hamster from wanting to leave or escape its cage. It also boosts their energy, keeps them in a great mood, and most likely will enjoy interacting with you – bottom line, there’s no downside in adding toys inside your hamster’s cage.

However, you should be mindful of the toys you will buy and let your pet use them. Make sure it’s safe, suitable, and valuable in the long run. In this article, I will help you identify safe Dwarf hamster toys and will give you a list of toys to consider.

We have a complete guide on how to take care of Dwarf hamsters, a Syrian hamster care guide, and finally, care tips for Chinese hamsters.


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You should know and remember a few things before heading off to the pet store or checking online sites. Here is a quick and easy guide to choosing a suitable toy for your Dwarf hamster.


Size is important when buying Dwarf hamster toys. This is because many are too small even for a Dwarf hamster to use. Often like in a hamster running wheel, they are too small that your hamster’s leg and back might get injured.

Each toy that I will list below, it will include the right size, so you don’t buy or get the wrong one and waste any money.


The next thing on the list is knowing that it’s safe for your pet. This includes understanding the material used when making the toys. This is because some materials especially can be dangerous for your pet hamster.


This is applicable not only to toys designed for your hamster to chew on but to the toys as well.

For example, you don’t want to get a pine or cedarwood toy, as it can be unsafe for pet hamsters. You should also avoid chewing toys made of calcium minerals because hamsters should not ingest them.

Chewing toys with too much sugar or fat is not great for their teeth, general health, and diet.


Toys for Dwarf hamsters are pretty much the same as toys for Syrian hamsters. The biggest difference only is the size of to buy. If the toy is big enough for a Syrian hamster, it should be safe and suitable for a Dwarf hamster.

Below is a list of the best toys and accessories to buy for your pet Dwarf hamster. We also have a compilation of basic toys for any hamsters that is suitable and safe.

Running/Exercise Wheel

Not specifically a toy since every hamster cage needs a running wheel. This essential accessory must be chosen properly especially when it comes to the size and type. It keeps your pet busy, active, and healthy. READ>> Best hamster wheels

  • wheel size for Dwarf hamster: 20 cm (8 inches)
  • material: wood, plastic – avoid metal or a wheel with holes/spaces on the running track


Tunnels or Tubes are a great way to replicate your hamster’s tunnels in the wild. Hamsters dug these tunnels to connect their living quarters such as sleeping areas, food pantries, and bathrooms.

You can make cool tunnels inside your hamster’s cage or in the playpen. We have a list of the best tunnels for hamsters.

Tubes come in different materials. The ceramic one is great because you can cool it down in the fridge during the summer season. The plastic and rattan have some spaces, and the the hamster’s leg can get caught.

  • size: 4 cm (1.6 inches) in diameter


Although hamsters are not great climbers like their cousin rats, they can still benefit from it. You can combine it with a great climbing platform, resulting in an awesome Dwarf hamster toy.

But make sure to choose a safe ladder. Don’t use metal ones with spaces between the steps. Use a bendy bridge or even a rock step ledge (it helps trim the hamster’s nails). We have a list of the best ladders for hamsters.


Climbing Platforms

As I mentioned above, a climbing platform has to be matched with a safe ladder so it will be accessible. Adding these too accessories also maximises the space in the cage.

Instead of placing the running wheel on the ground of the cage, you can have it sit on top of a platform. It should be safe enough for your pet if you don’t set it too high. You can also check out our compilation of fantastic climbing platforms for hamsters. I think this is one of the best Dwarf hamster toys to install inside the cage.



These maze boxes are fun! Use the plexiglass on top if you plan to burrow it under the bedding. You can also place it in the playpen and hide treats. It is too small for a full-grown Syrian hamster, but for a Dwarf, it should be a perfect size. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Dwarf hamster toys for your pet.


Sandbox and Sandbath

A hamster sandbox and bath are like the running wheel. It’s not specifically a toy but are necessities inside a hamster’s cage. However, apart from keeping your hamster’s coat clean and a place to pee on, hamsters love to roll in here, dig, and play around. It definitely keeps your pet playful and in a great mood.

Make sure to bake the sand before using it to kill bugs. Replenish the sand every other day. Learn about hamster sandboxes and safe sand baths.



A playpen is a playground outside the hamster’s cage. You don’t have to add any bedding, but it’s best to insert plenty of toys, such as wheels, mazes, and climbing platforms. Let your hamster spend time here about 10-15 minutes a day (maximum of 30 minutes if there’s no water inside the playpen). There are different playpens to choose from. Make sure to keep an eye on it while your pet is in the cage and lock other pets in a separate room.


Chew Toys

A chew toy doesn’t only help with keeping your hamster’s teeth clean, trimmed, and healthy, it also helps them be busy. This is not exactly a toy, but chewing on something makes a hamster happy and keeps them occupied and active. We have a list of the best hamster chew toys.


Knot Knibbler

This is pretty cool, there’s a single nut inside, and your hamster will have to chew its way in. Buy one piece first and see if your hamster like it. It is coloured with food-grade colouring and made with safe wood. You will find other chew toys like this, but I highly recommend you not hang them, simply put them on the ground.


Bedding for Burrowing

Another item that is not really a toy but gives a hamster so much pleasure and happiness. They love to burrow, so providing a gracious amount and deep bedding will really allow your pet to mine` and make sleeping dens. Hide some treats or dry mix under the bedding to encourage your pet to burrow. Make sure to change the bedding only once every 5 to 6 weeks. Read about everything you need to know about hamster bedding and how to clean a hamster’s cage safely.



Well, all of these hamster toys offer different purposes and benefits to your pet hamster. I think, as long as the toy is made of safe materials, and it’s properly installed, adding a lot of them both inside the cage and the playpen will do nothing but good for your hamster.

I hope that you found this list of the best Dwarf hamster toys helpful. If you know other toys that should be on this compilation, leave us a comment below.


Best toys for dwarf hamsters include exercise wheels, tunnels, chew toys, and hideaways. Ensure the toys are appropriately sized for smaller hamsters. Providing a variety of safe, stimulating toys promotes mental and physical health. via @thehamstercareblog

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