Fun Hamster Toys To Keep Your Hamster Happy

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Apart from the classic hamster running wheel, you can add many fun hamster toys inside the cage. Other than sleeping and chewing on something, hamsters love to run around, climb a little bit, and burrow a lot.

There are many benefits your pet could get from these toys which I will explain later. Hamsters who have plentiful toys inside their enclosure is less likely to escape, get bored, gain too much weight, and develop behavioural issues.

In this article, I want to show you what added toys you could place inside the cage and even inside the hamster playpen.


Hamster on top of coconut shell, hamster sleeping inside a plastic toy tube, hamster playing with a toy laptops - fun hamster toys

First, let’s talk about why these extra toys are needed. What do hamsters get from having a lot of toys to play with, is there a negative side to it?

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Keeps a hamster active

Hamsters have so much energy inside their tiny bodies. In the wild, hamsters evolved into eating a lot so they are ready for a day of adventure the next day (night rather). Every night, hamsters go out of their hiding spots to find food.

Hamsters could walk, run, and burrow for up to 6 hours. That requires a lot of energy to make sure they could go from their home and back.

Domesticated hamsters still have this instinct. When they wake up, they need to move and find food, before coming home to sleep. However, pet hamsters still eat a lot without an unlimited area to play around.

A lack of toys could lead to hamsters gaining weight. This extra weight could lead to obesity. The hamster’s leg won’t be able to carry the extra weight which could result in injury while running.

When there is an ample amount of toys inside a hamster’s cage, your pet will have enough avenues to exercise, stay active, and have a healthy heart.

Against boredom

I know that you followed and provided a home for your hamster that meets the right size requirement. However, we have limited space at home and sometimes, a big cage might not be enough for a super active hamster.

Just like what I mentioned before, when a hamster has loads of energy that is left to be used, a hamster could feel rather unpleasant. It’s like when you are feeling anxious, you can’t seem to sit down and relax.

Pet hamsters no longer have to walk for hours to find food. If a hamster has too much energy before their bedtime, this could lead to frustration which then will result in a hamster being in a bad mood and feeling too hyped up.

Not having enough enrichment inside a hamster’s cage will lead to boredom. And boredom leads to many problems.

A bored hamster will be in a bad mood and more aggressive than usual. If your hamster starts chewing the metal bar of the cage, this is a big sign of a bored hamster. A hamster will also start chewing on things inside the cage such as the sandbox, hide, food bowl, and even its own cage.

Placing lots of toys inside the cage lets your hamster burn out all these energies and keeps a hamster busy. It keeps your hamster focused on something else instead of chewing on things they should chew on.

Makes a hamster happy

Not only do fun hamster toys keep your pet healthy physically but also mentally. When there are more toys to play with, a hamster will be in a better mood and have a general happier mood.

It’s also easier to approach, hold, and tame your hamster when they are feeling happy and content. You will have a better relationship with your hamster when they are happier and healthier. So, giving extra toys inside the cage and in the playpen keeps your hamster happy, it’s both good for your hamster and yourself.

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There are a few things you need to remember before you buy or give the toy to your hamster. Here is a list of quick tips:


There are a few things that you should keep in mind when it choosing fun hamster toys. For example, you want to make sure that the toy is specifically made for hamsters, and you also want to ensure that the paint used is edible or safe to ingest. Here are other things you should check:

  • no splinter sticking out – if it’s made of wood
  • the size is suitable for your hamster – meaning your hamster should be able to walk in and out without getting stuck
  • it’s made of safe materials – avoid cedar or pine wood
  • no calcium minerals – this is common in the sand and chew blocks, avoid anything with calcium minerals


You also want a toy that can be cleaned. For example, plastic toys can easily be washed compared to wooden toys. But it doesn’t mean you can use the wooden toy. Instead, look for something that is a coating that protects the wood from absorbing moisture or liquid.


If you are ready to give your hamster some extra fun and challenge, these toys will definitely wake your hamster’s curiosity. Below is a list of our best and top hamster toy recommendations.

TIP: You can also rearrange the cage set up once every 3-4 months. This will allow your hamster to re-explore the enclosure since it looks unfamiliar. But don’t do this more often than that. Too many changes in a short period of time could stress your hamster.

Secret Peep Tunnel

This is part of Nitenangel’s newest collection of hamster toys. Hamsters like to do short and easy climbs and also burrowing. This toy will give your pet both.

Depending on what bedding you use, your hamster could create a small den such as this, but if you are using bedding that doesn’t come together, it will be harder for your hamster to have comfy dens.

This toy could be placed under the bedding. If you have a glass cage, you can press it against it to see your hamster sleep. This is definitely one of my favourite fun hamster toys!


Climbing Platform

While climbing high spaces is not the safest for hamsters (they are not great fallers), you can use plenty of safe climbing platforms. Three things to remember are don’t use metal stairs/platforms, don’t place them too high up, and make sure there is plenty of bedding to catch your hamster if they fall.

This climbing platform can be designed with a safe ladder. You can also place the wheel on top of the food bowl and water bottle. Check out our compilation of the best ladders and climbing platforms for hamsters.


Bendy Birdge or Hook Ladder

If you decide to use a climbing platform, you can match it with a safe and fun bridge or ladder. Double-check that no splinters are sticking out before letting your hamster use it. Also, don’t use a ladder with spaces between the steps.


Maze Box

What else screams more fun than a maze for a curious animal such as a hamster?! choose one where you can move the walls and holes around. In this way, when your hamster gets bored or has already memorised the maze, you can switch it around and pique its curiosity again. Also, ensure the holes are big enough for a Syrian hamster (around 2.5 inches in diameter).


Tunnels and Tubes

These toys are excellent for hamsters. For one, they love to stay in narrow and tight spaces, so staying inside the tubes actually makes them feel relatively safe. And two, it mimics the tunnels they create in the wild. You can connect the sleeping area with a tunnel that will take your hamster to the food bowl, water bottle, or toy area.

Be mindful of the size as well. The plastic ones are usually too small for a Syrian hamster. Usually, it’s better to tunnel ones designed for a Chinchilla or even a guinea pig. Learn more about tunnels for hamsters.


Chewing Toys

Chewing toys for hamsters is one of the best and most fun toys you can give to your pet. It keeps your hamster’s teeth clean, trimmed, and their mind occupied.

When choosing chew toys, a few things to avoid – are calcium minerals, cedar/pine woods, high sugar, fatty, and anything acidic.


Hide and Roof

This toy is quite fun. You probably already know how much hamsters love to sleep and have a cosy sleeping den. This toy provides a comfortable area for your hamster to sleep in and a fun top platform to climb and play around – this helps your hamster both relax and stay active. It’s one great and fun hamster toy for sure!



Your hamster will really enjoy any of these toys. They are stimulating, exciting, and fun to explore. You can also add them inside your hamster playpen, not just in the cage. Make sure to put extra effort into checking that the material is safe for hamsters and the size will allow your pet to fit comfortably.

I hope that you found this list of the best fun hamster toys helpful. If you find other toys that your hamster enjoys, let us know in the comment section below so we can add them.


Fun and safe toys for hamsters include exercise wheels, tunnels, wooden chew toys, and hideaways. Ensure toys are free from sharp edges and toxic materials. Rotating toys and adding foraging challenges keep your hamster entertained and engaged. via @thehamstercareblog

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