Best Syrian Hamster Toys

4 images - syrian hamster eating a nut, syrian hamster being held by a human, syrian hamster inside an easter egg basket, syrian hamster playing with its own super tiny laptop -Best Syrian Hamster Toys

Syrian hamsters are such charming and very remarkable pets. They are the biggest domesticated hamster who loves huge spaces, burrowing, and even cuddling (an infrequent treat from hamsters). The Syrian hamster is also called “teddy bear hamster” or “golden hamster”. Depending on who you ask, some people would say Syrian hamsters are the hardest to … Read more

10 Best Hamster Coloring Books For All Ages


Hamsters are great first-time family pets for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. These tiny companions are quiet, agile, and entertaining to be around. In addition, they are somewhat simple to care for if you have the correct information and know-how. Hamsters are oh so adorable. And we have these best hamster coloring books just to … Read more

Safest and Best Hamster Playpen

best hamster playpen

A playpen should be large enough for hamsters to run around and play. Some hamsters are happier with big open spaces and can stay more active when running longer. It’s helpful for hamsters if you allow them to explore outside their cages in a safer playpen. Hamsters love playing, but they learn to get bored … Read more

Best Hamster Story Books for Kids

Best Hamster Story Books for Kids

Hamsters as family pets are kid-friendly. Hamster has thick silky fur, short tails, small ears, short legs, wide feet, and large eyes that any kid would love. They often burrow underground during the day and come out at twilight to eat. It’s probably the simplest creature that you can take care of. Although no matter … Read more

Best Gifts For Hamsters On National Pet Day

Best Gifts For Hamsters On National Pet Day

April 11 is National Pet Day while almost the entire world is in quarantine and on edge of the war against the virus, don’t let this stop you to celebrate your love for your hamster or other pets. Under the crisis we are facing, we get to appreciate the presence of our pets much more. … Read more

How to Keep a Hamster Happy and Healthy

How To Keep A Hamster Happy And Healthy- Tricks, Toys, Healthy, Comfortability (1)

A hamster’s need is pretty straightforward. Providing their basic needs, feeding them the right diet, enough spaces in their home to roam around, exercise, and play, plus attention or cuddles if they want it. However, making them feel wonderful is more complicated than you think. You must equip yourself with the means to keep them … Read more