Best Gifts for Hamsters

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Hamsters are cute animals who make a great first pet for kids.  They do not require much attention and are a low-maintenance animal.  You definitely will not have to worry about your neighbor complaining about the noise your hamster makes!  Besides the cage they live in, there are many products to help care for them, from dry baths to feeding supplies.

What you may not know about are the many fun accessories you can buy for your hamster.  We have helped make your search for the perfect gift for your hamster a little easier with our round-up of products below.


hamster wearing a birthday hat

Coconut Hammock Hideout

Your hamster will love this little hideout made from a natural coconut shell which hangs suspended from a hook attached to its metal frame.  Filled with plush bedding, your hamster will spend hours napping in this cozy bed.


Sand Bath Box

This handy little sand bath box is a perfect way to keep your hamster clean.  It comes with 2 brushes to keep their fur looking beautiful and can be disassembled for easy cleaning.


Hamster Strawberry Treats

These freeze-dried strawberry treats are a healthy yet tasty way to add protein and fiber to your hamster’s diet. All natural with no sugar added your pet will look forward to treat time!


Leash and Harness Set

This adorable harness and leash set is perfect for taking your hamster for a walk outdoors for some fresh air.  Fur-lined, the colorfully-striped harness will help keep them warm while they get some exercise to keep their bodies healthy. The 4-foot leash allows them to move around freely while ensuring their safety.


Two-piece Food and Water Dish Set

These heart-shaped bowls are made from smooth ceramic and easy to clean.  The anti-turning design helps keep their cage clean.  Use one for food and one for water.


Hamster Chew Toy

Chew toys are a great way to keep your hamster entertained while helping keep their teeth clean and healthy.  The spinning blocks are made from durable 100% natural wood and safe for your pet.


Mini Hats

This hat set is an adorable addition to your hamster’s wardrobe.  Knit from yarn and in 8 different colors, these hats come equipped with an adjustable chin strap to help them stay on.


Water Bottle Stand

This cactus-shaped bottle stand provides hydration for your hamster while adding to the decor of their cage.  The leak-proof gasket helps keep the cage dry and the steel balls inside the nozzle help control the flow of water for less mess.


Hamster Exercise Car

This pet-powered Kaytee Critter Cruiser is a great way for your hamster to get exercise.   By simply adjusting the level of the wheel, your hamster can either exercise in place, scoot about on any flat surface, or race around on the separately sold Hamtrac exercise loop.


Hamster Slide

This bite-resistant, scratch-resistant slide is great fun for your hamster.  Made from water-proof high-density wood board, there is a ladder to get them to the top of the slide and also a little hideout hole underneath for naps in between fun.


Hamster Cage Liners

These cage liners from Arm and Hammer are a great way to keep your hamster’s cage clean and odor free. The super absorbent inner layer whisks away moisture while the leak-proof bottom layer keeps the tray clean.  This great gift helps make cage cleaning easy.


Hamster House

Your hamster will love to sleep and play in this mushroom-shaped house.  Made from durable ceramic, the top is removable for easy cleaning and designed to prevent your hamster from dislodging the roof.


Hamster Carrier

You can transport your hamster anywhere in this adorable pet carrier.  Equipped with a breathable mesh window and a handy carrying strap, there are also 2 mesh pockets on the outside for your hamster’s accessories.


Wooden Interactive Enrichment Toy

This 6-in-1 treat dispenser will keep your hamster entertained for hours.  Featuring an interactive design, your hamster will practice their foraging skills and be rewarded with a treat for their accomplishment.


Hamster Grass Tunnel

Your hamster will love to explore and hide in this tunnel.  Made from all-natural edible grass materials, it comes with 4 entrances for your hamster to dart in and out of.


Hamster Digging Box

Hamsters are natural burrowers.  This digging box with a clear acrylic window for viewing is a great way for them to dig themselves cozy little nesting areas.  Simply fill with bed shavings and sand then replace the removable lid and enjoy watching your hamster as he is busy tunneling away.


Wooden Hamster Suspension Ladder Bridge

This hamster ladder/bridge is made from wooden sticks and 2 flexible wires which allow you to shape it into whatever structure best fits your hamster’s needs. Its quick-connect fasteners allow you to attach them to various structures and can be used vertically or horizontally.


Mini Nut Knot Nibbler

This chew toy is made from wood colored with animal-safe vegetable dyes.  It will provide endless hours of nibbling fun as your hamster works their way to the wooden ball hidden inside.


Treat Stick Honey

Even hamsters have a sweet tooth.  You can help satisfy your hamsters cravings for a sweet treat with these assorted seeds and treats mixed together with a touch of honey to form these snack sticks your hamster will love.


Wooden Hamster Playground

Now your hamster can have his own little playground set.  With a variety of structures they can climb and sit on, including a hanging swing, you can fill the wooden bowl with snacks to give your hamster energy to play!



best gifts for hamsters

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