Hamster Cage Ideas

4 images - two syrian hamsters with light brown fur, one dwarf hamster with white fur crawling on a human's hand, and another dwarf hamster with grey coat drinking from a water bottle - Hamster Cage Ideas

Figuring out which enclosure is suitable for your hamster can be overwhelming. There is simply a lot of information out there to process. But one thing you should know first is that much of that information is not correct and unsafe for your hamster. For example, pet stores are the worst place to get “care … Read more

Best Cage For Syrian Hamster

4 images - syrian hamster crawling, syrian hamster on a human's palm, syrian hamster inside its cage- Best Cage For Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamster is the biggest species of hamster that are domesticated. It looks remarkably similar to a wild hamster, while the Dwarf hamster and Chinese hamster look slightly different and much smaller. Due to their physical size and personality, Syrian hamster cage requirements are slightly different. Knowing what your hamster needs will make your … Read more

Best Hamster Cage Divider

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A cage divider is a helpful tool to organise the hamster’s cage properly. You probably have noticed how a lot of hamster cages are filled with bedding. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, this set-up can be expensive and also doesn’t allow extra enrichment for your hamsters such as a spacious sandbox, play area, and … Read more

Is My Hamster Cage Too Small

woman holding a tiny hamster cage, hamster cage made of a spacious plastic box, hamster inside a metal bar cage - Is My Hamster Cage Too Small

Hamsters are popular tiny domesticated pets. Many of us have probably seen on TV or read a book showing a hamster living inside these tiny, colourful, and fun-looking cages and assume those are suitable hamster homes. It can’t be farther from the truth. Hamsters might be small, but they need more space to live a … Read more