How Do Hamsters Die

How do hamsters die

“Do hamsters die easily?” This is the question we’ll be answering in this article. Although hamsters have a short lifespan, sudden death in hamsters is just not right. Hamsters can be fragile. Their bones are not really strong compared to other rodents, they often hurt themselves when spooked, and when stuck, they won’t second guess … Read more

Hamster Eye Infection: Cause and Remedies

Hamster Eye Infection

Hamsters are pretty resilient, however, due to their tiny size, active lifestyle, and the fact that not many veterinarians are experienced with hamster care, when you need medical help that can’t be solved with home remedies, it can get challenging. One of the most common hamster health issues is an eye infection. This is one … Read more

Tips on Hamster Nail Care: Danger and Safe Solutions

Hamster nail care

Claws are a great help to hamsters, not for defence, but more for grabbing food, cleaning themselves, and gathering nesting materials. If you have hamsters, then you probably met their sharp nails folding inwards or curling sideways. If your hamsters often climb on you, you’ve also felt them. Hamsters running from hands to shoulders often … Read more

Can Hamster Swim?

Can Hamster Swim

You probably have seen those videos or photos of hamsters placed on a sink full of water. If you are an inexperienced hamster owner, you surely wondered before how to keep your hamster clean, how to bathe them and attempt to wash them with water just like dogs. This article will answer your question “can … Read more