How To Keep a Hamster Cage Cool During Summer

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We all know that hamsters are supposed to be in a country where the climate is often cold. They are covered with fur to keep help them combat the freezing temperature and stay comfortable. However, summer days come, and while they are nice to the human they are not as cosy as hamsters which can cause irritation and cause a bad mood.

This article will guide on how to keep a hamster cage cool during summer. Let’s get your fur baby comfortable as much as possible.


Your hamster enclosure’s temperature should stay around 25°C (77°F) if possible. In winter, since hamsters have a thick coat, around 15°C (59°F) will be fine.


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Here are the things you can do to help your hamster get comfortable when the heat of summer strikes. These are all very easy, home remedies, and convenient to set up without buying anything that will cost a fortune.

Well-ventilated Cage


If your hamster’s cage is not well-ventilated (block of walls, minimal holes on the top cover) this can be a very uncomfortable set-up during the summer season. The air can’t flow through properly like most cages. I recommend you get a new cage that is more ventilated.

Bin cages, aquarium cages, and bookshelves made of plastic, wood, and glass keep cages warm and uncomfortable for hamsters.

It should have mesh wire walls and a ceiling/top cover where the air can go through easily. The ready-to-use cages that you can buy are often with a great setup like this. But for glass tanks or other DIY hamster cages, you need to add ventilation on the top using mesh wire.

Freeze the Hideout

Whether you have a ceramic, glass, or plastic den, you can place this in the freezer for a good time to freeze up and then place it back in your hamster’s cage. It would be better if you have a couple of dens, in this way, once the other den is warm again, you can easily switch it to a new, and ready one.

Make sure you place the den in the same places, your hamster should be able to find the dens easily and without confusing them.

Fan the Room

How To Keep a Hamster Cage Cool During Summer

Have you seen those pocket fans? You can place it near the cage to boost air into the cage. However, do not set the intensity too high or else it will blow the bedding away. You can also place a bowl of ice behind this fan to send cooler air to the cage.

The alternative on how to cool down hamster is to place a regular-sized fan at a good distance from the cage. The intensity of this fan is much stronger, so placing it too near will be annoying and uncomfortable. There you already have a hamster cage fan!

Move the Cage

The cage should not be placed in direct sunlight. Often, cages are placed in the living room, which is where most sunlight shines. It’s best to move your hamster’s cage in the corner, and make sure that no sunlight will reach it. It’s also a good idea to keep the cage on the floor, the hot air often stays on the middle or top of the room while the floor stays cold, especially if you have wooden, tiled, or laminate flooring.

Frozen Bottle

How To Keep a Hamster Cage Cool During Summer

I’m not a big fan of this tactic but it does help to keep a hamster cage cool during summer. What you need to do is to freeze a bottle of water, once it’s frozen, take it out and wrap it in a cloth and place it in the cage.

The problem here is the water or moisture it will produce that can make the cage wet and damped which will also affect the bedding and turn the cage into a mess.

Cold Drinking Water

Change the drinking water on the hamster bottle into a cold one. This helps to cool off your hamster every time they take a drink. If you use a water bowl instead of a water bottle, free the water bowl and place cold drinking water.

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Freeze the Sand Bath

Another thing you can do as a hamster owner is to freeze the sand bath before placing them in the cage for your hamster to use. It will also help if the sand bowl is frozen it keeps the sand cool for a longer period of time.

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Keeping the cage cool is very important. If you, yourself get very irritated and uncomfortable when the temperate hits too high, imagine what it’s like for a hamster who’s covered in fur that is supposed to be used during winter. It’s like walking around with your winter jackets on under 30°C (86° F).

I hope you found this article on how to keep a hamster cage cool during summer helpful. If you have more tips and tricks, let us know in the comment section below.


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