Is 40-Gallon Tank For Hamsters

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Nowadays, hamster cages are made with different materials. You can now use or buy a hamster enclosure made of wood, plastic, plastic with metal, and glass. Although there is no right answer to which material is best, using a house for your hamster that is made of glass has lots of great benefits.

Glass cages for hamsters are chew-proof (which hamsters are great at), they can be washed for cleaning, and it’s most likely escape-proof (given the top cover is well-installed. Once you decide that you will house your pet hamster in a glass enclosure, the next step is to figure out the size of the tank.

In this article, I will answer the question “is a 40-gallon tank for hamsters” enough? I will explain how that number came out and a list of the recommended hamster home that is made of glass.


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Yes. A glass tank or any glass-made cage is perfectly safe for a hamster. The main concern you have to focus on is adding a secured top cover to avoid any possibility of escaping without compromising the ventilation.

Another thing you have to remember is to place the glass cage on top of something durable and solid. The glass alone is heavy enough, adding bedding, toys, and other things to the cage make it even heavier. Most people will place the glass cage on top of a sturdy bookshelf or the floor is fine as long as you don’t have young children and other pets that have access to the hamster.


Yes, a 40-gallon tank is enough for a hamster. However, it’s only big enough for a Dwarf or Chinese hamster. If you have or plan to get a Syrian hamster, you have to get an aquarium or a tank that is about 620-square-inch or somewhere around 60-gallon.

There are people who house their pets in a 20-gallon tank. It’s far too small and won’t have enough space for plenty of toys and deep bedding. Having lots of space means you can make a fantastic cage that keeps your hamster active, happy, and healthy.



Not many glass tanks meet the right size for a hamster cage. Those that do are designed for reptiles which is not a problem as long as it does the job. Below is a list of tanks that you can use as a hamster’s enclosure.

We have a specific article about everything you need to know about glass tanks for hamsters and a list of recommended products.

Aqueon Tank Breeder 40 gal

This is definitely a great choice. The only problem is the shipping, for some reason, the seller or the shipping service fails to keep the product safe during the transport. However, the seller will replace it with no problem. It’s also much heavier.

If you don’t mind having to deal with breaking it during shipping and waiting for the replacement, this is surely a great deal for the price.

  • size: 36x18x16 inches

WACOOL Front Opening Tank

This tank is quite affordable but might require some DYI. It would be useful to open the tank from the side for cleaning and setup.

You will need to be very careful that your hamster doesn’t get its feet stuck in the side-opening mechanism.

I recommend only using the side opening if your hamster is already outside during playtime.

  • size: 30x18x18 inches

SeaClear Aquarium 40 gal

As you can see, you need to remove the top cover and replace it with a DIY for much better ventilation. It will take some effort since you will have to attach holders for the top cover.

If you want a bigger one, there’s a 46-gallon option, although it’s bow-style. This 40-gallon tank for hamsters will provide lots of space for toys and hideouts.

  • size: 36x15x16 inches

Carolina Terrarium 40 gal

This fancy-looking terrarium is such a nice tank for hamsters. There are a few items that you won’t be needing such as the light/bulbs. The fact that it opens in the front cutting the glass in two can be a problem in keeping the bedding inside, but not a big issue.

The top cover has good ventilation, however, if you live in a hot and humid place, you want to replace it with a mesh wire that has bigger holes for better airflow.

  • size: 36x18x18 inches

Repti Zoo 50 gallon

Repti Zoo is one of our favourite brands on this blog. Their sand is safe for hamsters (the one without calcium), so it’s no surprise that they create a spacious glass tank as well that is suitable for hamsters.

My only issue with this is the screen part on the side panels. Of course, it’s designed for reptiles, but if you can keep the bedding area in the part where it’s all glass, that would be ideal.

  • size: 36x18x17.75 inches

Repti Zoo 67 gal

For people with Syrian hamsters or who plan to get one, this is a great choice. It’s spacious, gives you 240-view of your pet and is easy to put together.

It still comes with a screen on the side panels but it can help with the airflow. The glass on the front also overlaps which means the bedding could get one. Other than those, this is a fantastic choice.

  • size: 48x18x 18 inches


Choosing the right cage for a hamster can be an overwhelming task. There’s a lot of information to keep in mind and a wide range of options. I can’t tell you which cage is best for your pet or if a 40-gallon tank for hamsters would be enough.

But what I can recommend is you take your time in doing your research. Ask forums, read threads, and watch videos. Don’t let one website or one channel tells you all the information. After all the research, you will be closer to making a decision about which enclosure to choose.

You going the extra mile to provide the right care for your hamster, your pet is very lucky to have you. I hope that you found this guide helpful.


A 40-gallon tank is an adequate size for a Dwarf or Chinese hamster, but too small for a Syrian hamster, especially a female Syrian hamster. Iit's important to provide plenty of space for exercise and enrichment activities to keep your hamster healthy and happy. via @thehamstercareblog

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