Safe Plants for Hamsters: Safe and Unsafe Herbs for Hamsters

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It’s time to discuss safe plants for hamsters and plants that you should avoid. Apart from ensuring that a hamster’s cage is secure, a balanced and healthy diet is just as important. To properly take care of hamsters, and to avoid serious health problems, it is vital to know what foods are and aren’t safe … Read more

Best Syrian Hamster Toys

4 images - syrian hamster eating a nut, syrian hamster being held by a human, syrian hamster inside an easter egg basket, syrian hamster playing with its own super tiny laptop -Best Syrian Hamster Toys

Syrian hamsters are such charming and very remarkable pets. They are the biggest domesticated hamster who loves huge spaces, burrowing, and even cuddling (an infrequent treat from hamsters). The Syrian hamster is also called “teddy bear hamster” or “golden hamster”. Depending on who you ask, some people would say Syrian hamsters are the hardest to … Read more

Best Hamster Cage Divider

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A cage divider is a helpful tool to organise the hamster’s cage properly. You probably have noticed how a lot of hamster cages are filled with bedding. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, this set-up can be expensive and also doesn’t allow extra enrichment for your hamsters such as a spacious sandbox, play area, and … Read more