Safe Plants for Hamsters: Safe and Unsafe Herbs for Hamsters

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It’s time to discuss safe plants for hamsters and plants that you should avoid. Apart from ensuring that a hamster’s cage is secure, a balanced and healthy diet is just as important. To properly take care of hamsters, and to avoid serious health problems, it is vital to know what foods are and aren’t safe … Read more

Why Hamsters Are Not Beginner Pets

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Hamsters are adored worldwide for their small size, appealing looks, and the promise of being easy-care pets, making them especially popular among children and families with space constraints. There’s a unique charm in their round bodies, beady eyes, and the way they stuff their cheeks with food. Their diverse breeds – from the larger Syrian … Read more

Hamster Care Sheet

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Hamsters as pets can either be easy or incredibly challenging. It honestly can go either way, and people’s experiences can be the polar opposite of one another. The best thing you can do is to do your research, prepare yourself, and understand the pros and cons and the amount of commitment that being a hamster … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Eat their Babies

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Hamsters are prone to accidental pregnancies. This is because of how incorrect information most pet stores give to new and inexperienced hamster owners. When this first-time hamster parent realised the shop’s mistake, it was often too late to do anything. Hamsters are known for many things – they are adorable, cute, and can be an … Read more

Is My Hamster Cage Too Small

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Hamsters are popular tiny domesticated pets. Many of us have probably seen on TV or read a book showing a hamster living inside these tiny, colourful, and fun-looking cages and assume those are suitable hamster homes. It can’t be farther from the truth. Hamsters might be small, but they need more space to live a … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Trying To Escape

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Hamsters are such escape artists. You look at a hamster and think, that is a cute and very adorable pet. But don’t get fooled by their cute ears and sweet face, these hamsters can bring so much trouble for such small creatures. One would think “how can this tiny animal can escape an enormous cage?” … Read more

How To Get Hamsters To Stop Biting

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One of the biggest concerns of hamster owners is probably hamster aggression. Hamster aggression is when a hamster acts hostile and does things like biting and attacking you. We all heard the story from a friend or even personal experience that a hamster bit a finger and drew blood. In many cases, this is the … Read more