Safe Plants for Hamsters: Safe and Unsafe Herbs for Hamsters

Safe Plants for Hamsters_ Safe and Unsafe Herbs for Hamsters (1)

It’s time to discuss safe plants for hamsters and plants that you should avoid. Apart from ensuring that a hamster’s cage is secure, a balanced and healthy diet is just as important. To properly take care of hamsters, and to avoid serious health problems, it is vital to know what foods are and aren’t safe … Read more

Best Hamster Sprays That Are Safe

4 images - oat sprays, wheat sprays, millet sprays, and a hamster chewing on an oat spray - Best Hamster Sprays That Are Safe

Hamsters, as delightful little creatures with unique dietary needs, thrive on a balanced diet that ensures their optimal health and longevity. Sprays, particularly seed sprays like millet, play a significant role in meeting these nutritional needs. Although often seen as supplementary food, these sprays provide hamsters with an engaging and nourishing snack, promoting their natural … Read more

How to Help Hamsters Lose Weight

dwarf hamster on a weighing scale and a syrian hamster eating - How to Help Hamsters Lose Weight

Hamsters love to hoard their food. As humans, when we see babies that are “fat” for their size, we thought it’s cute. The same goes for pet animals like cats, dogs, or even hamsters. However cute they seem, it’s not good for hamsters to be overweight. Domesticated hamsters can gain weight easily, which I will … Read more

How Much Does a Hamster Weigh

wild hamster, syrian hamster, dwarf hamster, chinese hamster - How Much Does a Hamster Weigh

Being such a small and lightweight animal probably made hamsters such appealing pets. In general, it is much easier to look after a hamster. However, there is a massive difference between wild hamsters and domesticated hamsters. For one, wild hamsters are much heavier than domestication ones. In this article, I will discuss how much does … Read more

What Vegetables Can Hamsters Eat

What Vegetables Can Hamsters Eat

A balanced diet is super vital in a hamster’s life. A healthy hamster is a happy hamster and a happy hamster is a happy owner. In this article, we will answer the question “What Vegetables Can Hamsters Eat” and of course give you a little list of vegetables that hamsters should also avoid. If you … Read more