Why is My Hamster Squeaking

Why Is My Hamster Squeaking

Hamsters don’t make a lot of noise due to their small size. When the room is loud, you won’t be able to hear your hamster making a squeaking noise. However, being observant whenever your hamster squeaks or creates any form of weird noises is important. In this article, we will explain the answer to the … Read more

Hamster Bumblefoot: Everything you need to know

A brown hamster laying on its back showing its feet with a bubble text that says "look at my healthy feet" - hamster bumblefoot

Hamsters are cherished companions. To ensure your pet’s well-being, being well-informed about every potential health issue is important. One of the most common health issues for hamsters is called “hamster bumblefoot.” Prevention by building a safe cage is ideal, but sometimes new hamster owners make mistakes, and it is OK, let’s fix it and learn! … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles

4 photos of hamster - 1 with yellow background, 1 with white background, 1 wit wall blocks, 1 on the grass - Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles

Running in circles has been seen in hamsters for as long as domestication has started. There are many reasons a hamster will run in circles, some are quite normal, and others can be more serious. In this article, I will answer the question “why is my hamster running in circles”. You will learn the reasons … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Not Moving

hamster sleeping on top of a smartphone, hamster sleeping on a hand palm, hamster sleeping on its cage - Why Is My Hamster Not Moving

Hamsters are super active animals. They run, climb, burrow, and play all the time. So when a hamster has been idle for a long time, it’s natural that we get worried about our fur baby. There could many reasons why a hamster stopped moving from sleeping for longer hours, being sick, or worse, being in … Read more

How Do Hamsters Die

How do hamsters die

“Do hamsters die easily?” This is the question we’ll be answering in this article. Although hamsters have a short lifespan, sudden death in hamsters is just not right. Hamsters can be fragile. Their bones are not really strong compared to other rodents, they often hurt themselves when spooked, and when stuck, they won’t second guess … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Shaking

Why Is My Hamster Shaking

Hamsters can be mysterious animals. From the fact that they don’t have a long tail to wag or they can’t really make such big noise, it’s often hard to tell how your hamster is feeling. While some hamsters might become a pet where you can only watch them and handling them is complicated, it’s vital … Read more

Hamster Eye Infection: Cause and Remedies

Hamster Eye Infection

Hamsters are pretty resilient, however, due to their tiny size, active lifestyle, and the fact that not many veterinarians are experienced with hamster care, when you need medical help that can’t be solved with home remedies, it can get challenging. One of the most common hamster health issues is an eye infection. This is one … Read more