Best Cage For Syrian Hamster

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The Syrian hamster is the biggest species of hamster that are domesticated. It looks remarkably similar to a wild hamster, while the Dwarf hamster and Chinese hamster look slightly different and much smaller. Due to their physical size and personality, Syrian hamster cage requirements are slightly different. Knowing what your hamster needs will make your … Read more

Best Syrian Hamster Toys

4 images - syrian hamster eating a nut, syrian hamster being held by a human, syrian hamster inside an easter egg basket, syrian hamster playing with its own super tiny laptop -Best Syrian Hamster Toys

Syrian hamsters are such charming and very remarkable pets. They are the biggest domesticated hamster who loves huge spaces, burrowing, and even cuddling (an infrequent treat from hamsters). The Syrian hamster is also called “teddy bear hamster” or “golden hamster”. Depending on who you ask, some people would say Syrian hamsters are the hardest to … Read more

Types of Hamster Cages

3 different types of hamster cages - ready to use (big one), cage made of glass bookcase, and one made of plastic storage box

A suitable hamster cage is one that meets the size requirement according to your country or the standard worldwide size. While there are not many options when it comes to a suitable hamster home, there’s always the DIY (do-it-yourself) option. If you live in other countries outside North America and Europe, you might find it … Read more

Male and Female Hamster Differences

syrian hamster, dwarf hamster, chinese hamster, and robo dwarf hamster - Male and Female Hamster Differences

In this article, I will discuss some male and female hamster differences. Perhaps, this information will help you decide what gender of hamster is suitable for you. Hamsters have very interesting personalities. While we can’t 100% say a hamster will be like this or like that only from its sex, it helps us in many … Read more

How Much Does a Hamster Weigh

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Being such a small and lightweight animal probably made hamsters such appealing pets. In general, it is much easier to look after a hamster. However, there is a massive difference between wild hamsters and domesticated hamsters. For one, wild hamsters are much heavier than domestication ones. In this article, I will discuss how much does … Read more

Basic Hamster Supplies: Hamster needs checklist

Supplies for Hamsters Basic Needs

Despite their size, hamsters do need a good list of basic hamster supplies that you should have ready before you bring your hamster home or as soon as you can to assure that your hamster can adjust to their new house more comfortable. Imagine yourself moving to a new apartment or house, you definitely need … Read more

Species of Hamsters: What are the types of hamster

Species of hamsters

Owning a pet hamster is always charming at any time. This furry ball of small creatures can give you a day to day relief after a hard day’s work or tons of school activities. Hamsters are recognized as rodents. They can allure you with their different sizes and unique compositions of colours. Hamster has a … Read more