How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

4 images - a syrian hamster hanging on a finger, a syrian hamster sleeping on a palm, a syrian hamster held on a hand with flowers around it, a syrian hamster crawling on an open palm - How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is a captivating small rodent cherished for its charismatic antics and distinctive nocturnal behavior. Although diminutive in size, these creatures are brimming with personality. They communicate through a series of high-pitched sounds and body language. This is important when attempting to pick up a hamster. This … Read more

How To Get Hamsters To Stop Biting

hamster climbing on a hand, hamster biting a bar cage - How To Get Hamsters To Stop Biting

One of the biggest concerns of hamster owners is probably hamster aggression. Hamster aggression is when a hamster acts hostile and does things like biting and attacking you. We all heard the story from a friend or even personal experience that a hamster bit a finger and drew blood. In many cases, this is the … Read more

Safest and Best Hamster Playpen

best hamster playpen

A playpen should be large enough for hamsters to run around and play. Some hamsters are happier with big open spaces and can stay more active when running longer. It’s helpful for hamsters if you allow them to explore outside their cages in a safer playpen. Hamsters love playing, but they learn to get bored … Read more

How To Find an Escaped Hamster

Ways on How to Find an Escaped Hamster

Hamsters are tiny creatures, and their lightweight makes them incredibly fast. Hamsters can run up to 21 km per night, and that’s about 13 miles. Hamsters love to run, and as a nocturnal furry animals, they intend to do daily exercise between dusk and dawn. It’s always the nature of a hamster to be very … Read more

How to Keep a Hamster Happy and Healthy

How To Keep A Hamster Happy And Healthy- Tricks, Toys, Healthy, Comfortability (1)

A hamster’s need is pretty straightforward. Providing their basic needs, feeding them the right diet, enough spaces in their home to roam around, exercise, and play, plus attention or cuddles if they want it. However, making them feel wonderful is more complicated than you think. You must equip yourself with the means to keep them … Read more

Is Hamster Ball Safe? Pros and cons of a hamster exercise ball

Is Hamster Ball Safe - Pros and Cons of a Hamster Exercise Ball

A hamster exercise ball is one of the most controversial topics in the hamster owner community. The golden questions are “Is a hamster ball safe?” and “should I use a hamster ball?”. Until today, these questions are being asked almost every day. The forums always have a divided opinion on hamster balls. Getting a hamster ball to … Read more

How to Tame a Hamster

Best Hamster Beddings - Must use and must not use hamster beddings

Taming a hamster is a big job regardless if you are a first-time owner or an expert. Each hamster is different and with very different personality. There are times when taming will come easy while other hamsters will take you on a rollercoaster ride for months. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to give up … Read more