Best Syrian Hamster Toys

4 images - syrian hamster eating a nut, syrian hamster being held by a human, syrian hamster inside an easter egg basket, syrian hamster playing with its own super tiny laptop -Best Syrian Hamster Toys

Syrian hamsters are such charming and very remarkable pets. They are the biggest domesticated hamster who loves huge spaces, burrowing, and even cuddling (an infrequent treat from hamsters). The Syrian hamster is also called “teddy bear hamster” or “golden hamster”. Depending on who you ask, some people would say Syrian hamsters are the hardest to … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Run on Wheels: Benefits of the wheels, wheels vs saucers

Why Do Hamsters Run on Wheels

Hamsters naturally pack lots of energy, which means they also require a lot of exercise. This can be through running on the wheel, tunnels, ladders, burrowing, and playtime on a playpen.  Being confined in a cage all day can make your hamster restless. To compensate for the amount of running a hamster does in the … Read more

Best Rocks for Hamsters: Rocks for hamster cage and nails

Best Rocks for Hamsters_ Rocks for hamster cage and nails

Once you have chosen the most spacious cage for your hamster, the next thing is furbishing your hamster’s new house. This may leave you wondering what your hamster needs in their new castle. Aside from bedding, hideouts, sandbox, wheels, what else should you add? How about a nail care corner? Maybe you can put some rocks to care for … Read more

Safest and Best Hamster Playpen

best hamster playpen

A playpen should be large enough for hamsters to run around and play. Some hamsters are happier with big open spaces and can stay more active when running longer. It’s helpful for hamsters if you allow them to explore outside their cages in a safer playpen. Hamsters love playing, but they learn to get bored … Read more