Everything you need to know about safe hamster wheels

Why hamsters run on wheels?

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Hamster Wheels to avoid

Never use hamster wheels that have wire platform. Your hamster's feet will get caught in these holes which can cause foot injury

Choose the right size of wheel. If your hamster's back is arching like this, it means you need a bigger wheel

Syrian: 28 cm (12 in) Dwarf and Chinese: 20 cm (8 in) Roborovski: 16 cm (7 in) Bottom line, the bigger the better (it can never be too big)

Good hamster wheel sample

This is a great hamster wheel - big, solid platform

Another perfect hamster wheel - hamster's leg can stretch all the way, the back doesn't arch, and the platform is solid

Types of hamster wheels

- Silent Wheel - Plastic Wheel - Wooden Wheel - Flying Saucer