Here are Hamster Care, our main goal is to share as many information as possible about hamster care. From proper cages, healthy diet, safe bedding, chew toys, taming, and so much more! While we are experienced hamster owners and we contentiously educating ourselves about hamsters, we can only do much. 

We believe that hamsters are one of the most misunderstood and mistreated domesicated animals and pets everywhere in the world. Many people think because of the hamster’s size, they are suitable for young children as pet which is incorrect. With adults uneducated about hamster care and needs, they are exposing hamster to possibility of abandonement and worse unnecessary deaths.

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In today’s world, we believe that no one is perfect or have figured it all out. The same thing goes for site like ours. We know that we made mistakes in the past and will make more in the future unconsciously or without thinking things thoroughly. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t want to get better.

If you see us writing, publishing, or sharing misinformation, outdated information, or anything between, we’d love to hear form you. Let us know what mistake we’ve done and how we can do better.

Please remember that we invite other writers to our site to tackle topics that we are inexperienced ourselves (e.g ethical and unethical breeding, animal laws which differs in every country, etc). We try to double check the information that are shared by our guest writers but we will miss a thing or two. We hope you can help us point those mistakes out and point us to a better source.

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We love hamsters and we want the best for them but we are not the most educated about hamsters. Hence, if you have topics that you would like to cover and very expert about or simply want to share your own hamster care tips (e.g creating awesome and safe cages, making healthy hamster food, cleaning the cage, etc), we’d love to hear from you.

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If you are a brand or company and have products suitable and safe for hamsters, we’d love to hear from you. Until today, there are very limited products that are safe for hamsters out there, so if you are one of a kind, let’s chat!

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